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In other blogs, we’ve discussed the pathological tendencies exhibited by sales representatives in the timeshare ‘division’ of the hospitality industry. By necessity, it involves a willingness to knowingly lie about the relative merits of a product that is inherently flawed. After all, without some kind of intervention, many timeshare interests constitute an oppressive, and indeed a perpetual obligation, the benefits of which pale by comparison to the costs involved. Moreover, even after the timeshare is ‘paid for’, annual dues for maintenance often run well over $1,500 annually, and continue to escalate without disclosure or justification. At these rates, one could book equal or better accommodations at similar destinations on an ad hoc, rental basis, with much greater flexibility. 
A certain kind of personality is required in order to effectively purvey such a product, and we’ve had occasion to document the extent to a which sociopathic tendencies are reflected  in  the mentality and culture of timeshare sales. But the fish doesn’t rot from the tail up. Personalities spearheading some of the largest developers in the timeshare industry are interesting and colorful studies in alpha-type dominance, replicated in a hierarchical fashion, from the  head of the boardroom right down through the rank and file sales reps.
It is important to understand this when engaging in a legal dispute with any timeshare developer. Why? Because a sociopath, by definition, does not empathize with your plight. You cannot go hat in hand to the developer complaining about how essentially unfair it all is. They simply will not respond to you, at least not in any kind of meaningful fashion. Phone calls to numbers given if you have complaints, if they exist at all, are generally not answered. Verifiable, timely communications through email or fax are almost impossible as well. This is by design.
In this regard, an accounting for annual dues will not be forthcoming, at least not without the subpoena power of a court of law. This is critically important. This is where the developer is most vulnerable, and this is where your leverage is from a legal standpoint. Accordingly, unless you hire an attorney who is willing to sue the developer, thus invoking the subpoena power of a court of law, you may well be wasting your time.

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