What We Do At The Aaronson Law Firm

The Aaronson Law Firm consists of a number of Attorneys and Support Staff who are solely dedicated to helping you cancel your timeshare contract. It is all we do. That fact allows us to be focused on your direct timeshare cancellation needs, giving you the best chance to have your timeshare successfully rescinded.


How do we do this?

  • Free Initial Consultation: In our initial, free consultation with you, we discuss the details of your situation so that we can make sure that we have a full and accurate understanding of your case. We ask you questions that help us evaluate your case and ascertain how best we are able to help you while formulating the best course of action to move forwards toward a successful rescission.
  • Information Gathering: We work together with you to gather a file of information specifically relevant to your situation. We look at names, addresses, contact information, account numbers, documents and all representations made during the sales process, as well as any extenuating circumstances unique to your case. All will all be discussed and preserved in your file.
  • Rescission Predicate Correspondence (RPC): This is a formal legal demand letter that is created, initiating the rescission process. The ‘carrot’ dangled therein often involves transfer of the timeshare back to the developer with no money changing hands, in spite of funds already spent by the client.
  • Civil Complaint: The civil complaint is drafted, attached to the RPC, referenced therein, and published to the Timeshare Developer with a view toward filing in a court of competent jurisdiction. This is the proverbial ‘stick’ exposing the developer to potential liability.
  • Credit Protection: Validation letters are issued pursuant to 15 USC 1681 demanding neutral reporting of any debt that you owe in association with the timeshare, pending full resolution of the dispute.

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