Wyndham Timeshare Cancellation

Rescinding your Wyndham Timeshare

Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc., is a timeshare development arm of the Wyndham Group.  Like Diamond Resorts International, and some other hoteliers, they got into the timeshare business relatively late. At some point, they realized that they could use their hotel facilities doing something more profitable – selling them as timeshares.

What inference can you draw from this? Simply that selling you space in their facilities is more profitable than renting them to you, for several reasons:

Wyndham resort timeshare1. It creates a more predictable cash flow
2. They can still rent the same facilities as a hotel if they’re not fully booked
3. On the ‘points’ system, they can overbook, and deny you access on the basis that you don’t have enough of them. (No one said that any of this is necessarily lawful)
4. They can just plain charge you more money. (See our blog on the ‘true cost of a timeshare’).Wyndham timeshare contract cancellation

If you feel you’ve been hoodwinked into ‘purchasing’ your vacation,

please feel free to contact us.

Learn more about the Timeshare Lawyer who has you in mind at www.aaronsonlawgroup.com

A few testimonials

We engaged the legal services of Austin Aaronson to resolve a timeshare issue with Club Wyndham. We had initially engaged the assistance of the Case Manager/Escalated Response Team/Owner Care directly at Wyndham in hopes of gaining a resolution within the system. However after over 4 months of this internal investigating and updates going nowhere, we pursued a legal course of action. Living in New England, and needing to engage an attorney within Florida, we explored various legal offices. Given that we would be dealing without a face to face presence we needed to have a comfort level with whoever was going to represent us from afar. Even prior to his working officially on our behalf Attorney Aaronson, took the time to explain the legal process which would be pursued, and patiently answered any and all questions. He evidenced as both knowledgeable, and with the experience needed to pursue our case. Though our only contact was via telephone and email, he commanded a trusting presence, and his fees were quite reasonable. He was hired. He and his legal staff proved to be professional, thorough, efficient and timely, and much to our extreme satisfaction, within six weeks time our timeshare case with Club Wyndham was resolved with the dissolution of any future relationship with that organization! We would certainly recommend Attorney Aaronson’s service to you.
Bill and Mary

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