Westgate Timeshare Cancellation

Do you need to cancel a Wyndham timeshare?

Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc., is a timeshare development arm of the Wyndham Group. Like other hoteliers, they got into the timeshare business relatively late. At some point, they realized that they could utilize their hotel facilities in a more profitable fashion by selling them as timeshares.

What this inevitably lead to was high pressure sales tactics that were employed during scheduled 90-minute sales presentations that invariably ran to 4 hours or more in length. It was only after signing on the dotted line that you discovered the many deceptions and, perhaps, outright lies that were told to you in the attempt to convince you to buy. Were you told that your timeshare purchase would bring bring your family together in a stronger bond, that your purchase would be a great investment, or that you could easily book availability and even sell your property if and when the time ever came?

Timeshare sales agents are trained to use sales practices that lure you into a false sense of emotional attachment to timeshare ownership. You want to do well for your family. You want to make a lasting investment. You “need” this timeshare. But after the rescission period is over, you find yourself coming back to reality, finding that you may not be able to afford this timeshare, nor can you book availability to use it.

The points mentioned above are just a few of the building blocks which may constitute a successful case for the rescission of your Wyndham timeshare contract. For more information about cancelling your timeshare, please read our 5-part blog entry entitled Is It Possible For Me To Cancel My Timeshare Contract?

The attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm are here to help you build that strong case. Let them bring the proper level of legal pressure to bear to bring about the cancellation of your Wyndham timeshare contract. If necessary, they are able and willing to go to litigation to help secure a positive outcome for your case.

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