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    Help Protect Me Against Timeshare Abuse


    We know this because we hear our clients’ stories from all over the United States. They all seem to describe an enticement they were offered, such as a free water park ticket or a discounted hotel rate. All they had to do was to sit through an hour-long presentation. But the hour-long meeting became an all-day ordeal, with hour after hour of high-pressure sales pitching while trapped in a little room. This would be followed by rapid-fire signings of ‘routine’ closing documentation as the salesman riffled through page after page of the contract.

    Our Clients describe the rude awakening they felt when the first bill came in the mail, followed by the inevitable frustration of actually trying to book their vacation, only to find they did not have enough points, there were unpaid fees, or many other excuses.


    To challenge the validity of an ostensibly binding contract is decidedly a job that can only be handled by licensed professionals. Do not be confused by claims of timeshare “financial groups” or “exit teams” with no legal qualifications. Most ‘companies’ touting themselves as timeshare exit or cancellation specialists are NOT actual law firms. Our team of timeshare attorneys have over fifty (50) years of combined legal experience. Be sure to vet the people you talk to. Emphatically, without the ability to sue or countersue the timeshare developer through a timeshare lawyer you have NO legal protection or leverage.

    It’s Not Too Late To Contact A Timeshare Attorney

    Our timeshare attorneys and support staff are solely dedicated to helping protect you against timeshare abuse. This is our sole focus. That fact allows us to be focused on your direct timeshare protection needs, giving you the best chance to have your timeshare successfully rescinded.

    How Our Timeshare PROTECTION Process Works

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    Free Consultation

    STEP 1

    In our free initial consultation, we will discuss with you the details of you situation so that we can make sure that we have a full understanding. Our timeshare attorney will ask you some questions that will allow us to formulate the best course of action.

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    STEP 2

    Our timeshare attorneys will work together with you to put together a file of information relevant to your situation. Names, account numbers, sales information and all paperwork that was provided to you at the time of sale are among the items that we will need.

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    Information Gathering

    Timeshare Cancellation Lawyers - Credit Protection - Aaronson Law Firm

    Credit Protection

    STEP 3

    Maintaining your good credit is important to you and that makes it important to us. We will issue the necessary letters, pursuant to 15 USC 1681, endeavoring to minimize any derogatory credit reporting.

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    STEP 4

    We will issue a formal legal position letter. We will endeavor to protect you from exposure to liability by articulating your legal claims and defenses.

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    Meet Our Timeshare Attorneys

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    Austin N. Aaronson, Esq.

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    Our experienced and knowledgeable timeshare attorneys and support staff will assist you with all of the steps necessary to address your situation. When you retain our firm, you will have access to our dedicated staff of professionals. Rest assured that our team will fight to protect you from abuse at the hands of your timeshare developer, and will stand by you throughout the entire timeshare dispute process. 

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    Timeshare Law FAQ’s

    You may be promised an enticement in exchange for attending a 90-minute timeshare presentation. Unfortunately, that half-price ticket or free hotel night may cost you a few hours of time in a very high-pressure sales situation. Our clients often describe tag-teaming sales representatives, who highlight investment benefits and unsurpassed family vacation pleasures. Those same reps gloss over maintenance costs, reservations problems and rapidly decreased timeshare values. Especially to be cautious about, salespersons press for on-the-spot decisions that can immerse you in a lifetime of financial obligations.

    Both types are forms of vacation ownership. The traditional timeshare can be a deeded property in which you purchase the right to vacation each year for a week (or more) at a specific resort. Your week(s) can be fixed, floating or rotating.
    The points-based timeshares popular today provide purchasers the right to use (or trade) lodging at a number of resorts, but they do not provide buyers with a legal interest in real property. Your use of points and even your ability to make reservations is highly influenced by the size and type of unit you desire, the time of year and location of the resort. For each week of timeshare points purchased, maintenance fees and assessments apply; and timeshares frequently expire after a stated period of time, like 20 to 99 years.

    Timeshare weeks and points vary according to unit sizes, resort locations, times of the week and/or year used and resort amenities available. Timeshares usually are priced per point or per week, and often see an immediate drop in value – often compared to driving a new car off the lot. Timeshare resales are priced much lower than those purchased from the resort developer.

    Typically, accommodation sizes and amenities set timeshare resorts apart from traditional hotels. As opposed to the usual hotel room or suite with bath, timeshares tend to offer multi-room condos with living, dining and kitchen facilities.

    After purchasing a timeshare, you are obligated to share in the annual expenses to maintain your unit and the common grounds of the resort property. Those expenses cover upkeep, taxes and management fees. Average maintenance fees range from $500 – $1,000 annually, usually per week or per ‘x’ number of points. For example, 2018 Disney Vacation Club fees per 100 points are $62.79 Per Month or $753.53 per year.

    Your legal representative will need your resort information to assure that the proper legal counsel is assigned to your case. Your experienced and knowledgeable timeshare attorney and support staff will assist you with all of the steps necessary to complete your timeshare termination.

    When your timeshare attorney is assigned, you will receive a welcome letter with the name of the assigned attorney and the direct phone number to him or her, as well as our support staff. Your timeshare lawyer will fight for rescission until it is accepted by the timeshare resort and will stand by you throughout the entire timeshare disposal process.