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Micah G (paralegal), Austin A and all were fantastic to work with. We were so happy with their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. Micah communicated so well with us and continually worked to resolve our concerns and bring our case to a close. Thank you all.
Jonathan Dippold
13:57 24 Feb 20
Very impressed with the service Sean Bassily and the Arronson Law Firm provided to help us cancel our timeshare. We were apprehensive in not knowing what to expect and Mr. Bassily assured us about the process and was up front about the costs.
Coe Emens
15:29 21 Feb 20
This firm don’t even deserve any star they are on of the time share scammers like Wyndham. I got stuck with Wyndham time share from last two years they promised me they will get rid of it made false promises on the phone charged me $4000.00 just for one letter they sent it to Wyndham. I will never recommend them for any time share cancellation. Stay away from them.read more
Zia Khan
04:48 10 Feb 20
I called Aaronson Law Firm for advice about a possible timeshare purchase scam. They were extremely helpful!
juliann empey
21:05 31 Jan 20
Daniel was fantastic helping us get out of our timeshare contract! Thank you so much. Very up front and transparent and extremely responsive to emails and calls.
Elliott Franklin
19:32 17 Jan 20
I highly recommend Aaronson Law Firm for help with cancelling your timeshare contract. John Haugabook of Aaronson did an AMAZING job of guiding us through the cancellation process. John was consistently courteous, dedicated, knowledgeable, and responsive to all our questions and concerns. We feel total relief that we are no longer saddled with a Florida timeshare. We will be forever grateful to John Haugabook and the rest of the Aaronson team!read more
Rhonda Powderly
13:45 21 Aug 19
Wonderful team that works miracles! Did not think getting rid of a timeshare was possible but they made it a breeze. Just be patient!
Miguel Sanchez
16:20 15 Aug 19
Great service in extracting us from a Time Share Contract for a fixed price. Highly recommended.
William Hodgkinson
18:20 03 Jul 19
The Aaronson Law Firm provided excellent service. I was uncertain initially about our case. However, their staff provided clarity regarding what we should anticipate and the potential problems we might encounter. They were responsive when I had questions, accessible by phone and email. Most importantly, I found them to be truthful about their fees and the amount of time it would take to resolve our claim. Their staff gave us peace of mind. I highly recommend them as a referral source when seeking competent legal counsel.read more
sterling hawkins
03:20 22 Jun 19
I'm very pleased by the results! After a few weeks of stress, worrying about my legal issue, I knew I had to get help. At 1st, I was extremely skeptical & didn't trust anyone anymore. I searched for a while for someone to help me fix my legal issue. The lawyer & paralegal were very patient with me & answered all of my questions as there were many. I was kept informed of the progress from start to finish. The timeframe I was given to finish my case was in line with the final decision on my case. I am happy I found & hired Aaronson Law Firm. I am even more happy that it's all over.read more
Elaine Elaine
23:34 13 Jul 18
Regina K .. I am very pleased with the legal outcome of my Timeshare resolution Aaronson Law has been very thorough and professional, in Collecting and using the information that I provided them to help me in successfully resolving my timeshare in a very short period of time. I would recommend this firm to anyone who is desperate in getting out of their timeshare obligation.read more
Regina King
21:53 08 Jul 18
I am so happy that we chose this law firm to help us get rid of our time share. I was not expecting much and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical that I would get anything back or even cancelled. Aaronson law group is definitely the real deal! Not only did they cancel the time share but they were able to get us a full refund! I was beyond belief. I am extremely thankful for this firm for making this an easy process and for allowing us to terminate all payments and all ties to these time shares. It was a pleasure working with this team! ?read more
Nelsy Mojica
03:57 21 Jun 18
Great experience. Timely follow-up. They definitely delivered! Thank-you!
Scott Leichliter
16:39 26 Feb 18
I had an awesome experience with Aaronson Law Firm. I was in need of someone trustworthy and experienced. They handled my case in less than a month (another law firm said it could take an entire year, and quoted me at $2,000 more!) I got the absolute best possible outcome, it turned out better than I thought it was going to. The entire process was very easy. The only downside is I never actually spoke to Austin, but Kara, a paralegal in the firm, was incredible. She was so responsive, she spoke with me a lot on the phone, made sure I understood every part of the process. It was so nice having her as a resource. I recommend this law firm to anyone in need of a timeshare resolution. Other law firms try to scam you, this one was realistic about the possible outcomes, but still managed to get me the best case scenario.read more
Erin Money
18:10 04 Feb 18
This law firm is phenomenal!! My husband and I thought we would be stuck in our Timeshare forever, but the Aaronson Law Group helped us get out of our contract in about 3 months. They were helpful and respectful every step of the way. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to end a dead end contract in an affordable and stress free way!! They also got us a full refund!! They are the way to go!! Love them!!!read more
01:08 02 Feb 18
They were extremely helpful and gave me all the tools I needed. They managed to get me out of my timeshare and get a refund. They also provided me with updates and paperwork to make sure that it did not affect my credit. They let me do installment payments which helped me with management of my finances. Thanks again you guys for the help.read more
Zackary McNabb
18:13 31 Jan 18
This law firm was honest and transparent throughout my entire legal process. They thoroughly explained step by step what was happening with our case, and full resolved it which is the best outcome after all. They are all friendly and up front and have years of experience to help you with your issue. I highly recommend them to anyone who is suffering as we were with trying to deal with a timeshare that they would not let you out of no matter what the circumstances!read more
Jenn Buck
14:53 11 Dec 17
Very pleased with a successful and well done work on my behalf. My experience working with the team was superb. The team included me in every step of the way and consulted me prior to executing any step and ensured I understood all steps and potential consequences. In addition, they kept good communication with me and showed sincere care and professionalism during our correspondences. This made me feel a part of the team and in good hands. Overall, my experience with Aaronson was comfortable and great. I would highly recommend Aaronson to be anyone's advocate. Many thanks to the team and a job well done!read more
13:48 25 Aug 17
Thank you. It’s a relief to not be under their thumb any more. We have purchased a Class C Motor home which will be our ‘vacation home’ from now on. I trust you’ll have plenty of other couples that need relief from the timeshare corporations.
Bruce M
16:45 05 Jun 17
Awesome!!! Can't thank you enough for the weight that has been lifted off our shoulders. We so appreciate all the work you did and helped us out of our crazy nightmare.
Shannon Struik
12:59 01 Jun 17
My husband and I had the pleasure of doing business with the Austin Aaronson team. Not only are we no longer responsible for 2 timeshares but it was taken care of in less than 12 weeks. The price was half of what was quoted to us by another firm and it was completed in a quarter of the time. I was also skeptical in the beginning as you probably are now; after all I was taken advantage of twice. People this is the real deal, get that noose from around your neck. Financial freedom is available.read more
Andrea Jenkins
03:48 01 Feb 17
Attorney Austin Aaronson helped our family rescind a timeshare contract after almost 3 years. My wife and I were informed by the timeshare that they would assist with resale. This was not the case later after assistance was requested. We were told to check the proverbial small print. We felt had and sought help. Attorney Aaronson took our case when others would not and terminated our relationship with the timeshare in less than 6 months at a reasonable price. He and his assistant were in-touch regularly and my wife and I were provided an honest assessment of our situation and status throughout the experience. I highly recommend Attorney Aaronson for his quality of service, honesty, and ongoing communication throughout our experience.read more
17:39 14 Jan 17
Our case was handled very quickly. We purchased the timeshare in July 2014 and had discovered inconsistencies between the presentation and reality. After trying to work with the company to resolve these concerns, we decided to pursue legal action. I found the office online and called them in Sept 2014. The office was very knowledgeable about the timeshare company we were having issues with and there were no delays in rescinding our contract. The entire process took less than 60 days, which is in line with what we were told. My only suggestion would be for better communication. Since everything is handled through email or via the phone and not in person, more updates and status reports would be helpful. There is nothing worse than not knowing how the process is going. Other than that suggestion, we were very pleased with the process and would definitely recommend the office to anyone else who is sucked into a misleading timeshare purchase. The team was very professional and the cost was reasonable. We are very grateful that we found the law office online and that they specialize in timeshares.read more
Matthew Binet
14:43 18 Nov 16

It’s not too late to contact a timeshare attorney.


Timeshare ownership often feels like entrapment. At the Aaronson Law Firm, we know this because we hear our clients’ stories. They all seem to describe an enticement they were offered, such as a free water park ticket or a discounted hotel rate. All they had to do was to sit through an hour-long presentation. But the hour-long meeting became an all-day ordeal, with hour after hour of high-pressure sales pitching while trapped in a little room. This would be followed by rapid-fire signings of ‘routine’ closing documentation as the salesman riffled through page after page of the contract.

Our Clients describe the rude awakening they felt when the first bill came in the mail, followed by the inevitable frustration of actually trying to book their vacation, only to find they did not have enough points, there were unpaid fees, or many other excuses.


Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve been taken advantage of by someone betraying your trust. Know, then, that most ‘companies’ touting themselves as timeshare exit or cancellation specialists are NOT law firms. In many cases, they’re even run by former timeshare salesmen. Be sure to vet the people you talk to. At the Aaronson Law Firm, our network of attorneys has decades of experience all over the United States. Only licensed attorneys can properly address legal issues, and the existence of an otherwise binding timeshare contract is certainly a legal issue. Emphatically, without the ability to sue or countersue the timeshare developer through counsel, you have no legal protection or leverage.

Bruce M.

It’s a relief to not be under their thumb any more…

Thank you. It’s a relief to not be under their thumb any more. We have purchased a Class C Motor home which will be our ‘vacation home’ from now on. I trust you’ll have plenty of other couples that need relief from the time share corporations.

Richard B., North Carolina

I am very happy…

I am very happy that your office was able to rid me of my timeshare developer forever! The attorney did a wonderful job in keeping me informed of what was going on when he had info to share. Thank you!

Mary T., Seattle

Successfully handled my case…

Mr. Aaronson represented me in getting a time share complete rescission. I was apprehensive about hiring an out of state attorney, as I live in Nebraska, however; he was able to successfully rescind the contract for me in a expeditious manner, within the exact amount of fee forecasted, and successfully handled my case. I would highly recommend the Aaronson Law Firm.

Debbie T.

Honest from beginning..

Thank you again for all that you have done. The timeshare cancellation is the best news we could ask for and we appreciate all that you have done for making this happen. I can honestly sleep good again and put this behind me....

Dan & Audrey G

Aaronson Law Firm

We would like to thank your firm for helping us terminate our Time Share in a timely manner. It’s going to save us a lot of sleepless nights not to mention the thousands of dollars we’ll save. Thank You

Timeshare Attorney Profile of the Month

Each month Aaronson Law Group will post a little bit about the Attorney who will be assisting you in the timeshare cancellation process.

timeshare lawyer, timeshare attorney, timeshare cancellation

Thomas E. Acey, Esq.
Thomas E. Acey, Jr. has been a licensed attorney for over 40 years, specializing in representing large and small businesses and individuals in litigation before state and Federal courts and administrative agencies. He attended the National Law Center, George Washington University, graduation with honors in 1972. During law school he served as Director of the Consumer Protection Program and was on the GW Law Review. After graduation he served for one year as law clerk for the Honorable Richard Kellam, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Timeshare News Flash!

Is It Possible For Me To Cancel My Timeshare Contract? (Part 1)

Aaronson Law Firm, Orlando, Fl, October 9, 2017: You’ve attended a timeshare sales presentation and with whatever sales pressure applied to you, despite your better judgment, you signed on the dotted line. Now that sick feeling of despair and disgust comes over you as your head clears from the presentation. What have you done?

Timeshare Cancellation Newsflash

Is It Possible For Me To Cancel My Timeshare Contract? (Part 2)

Aaronson Law Firm, Orlando, Fl, October 10, 2017: In Part 1, we defined the timeshare contract rescission period as that length of time in days allowed by statute, usually varying by state, that you have to act upon your buyer’s remorse. But what if the rescission period in force for your timeshare purchase has elapsed before you could invoke your right to cancel?

Timeshare Cancellation Newsflash

Is It Possible For Me To Cancel My Timeshare Contract? (Part 3)

Aaronson Law Firm, October 11, 2017: Now that we have determined that the services of a competent timeshare attorney are warranted for your timeshare cancellation, how is the process initiated? What information will my timeshare attorney require from me to help build my case for timeshare cancellation?

Timeshare Cancellation Newsflash

Is It Possible For Me To Cancel My Timeshare Contract? (Part 4)

Aaronson Law Firm, Orlando, Fl, October 12, 2017: There is one more type of information that will be necessary for the timeshare attorney to properly evaluate your case, and that is the pertinent financial information regarding the purchase and maintenance of your timeshare. Let’s explore the specific information requests that will help to build your case.

Timeshare Cancellation Newsflash

Is It Possible For Me To Cancel My Timeshare Contract? (Part 5)

Aaronson Law Firm, Orlando, Fl, October 13, 2017: You’ve provided all of the information requested of you for your timeshare cancellation consultation. You’ve thought it through and realize that retaining a competent timeshare attorney is your best option for being assured of a successful resolution. What happens after your case begins?

Timeshare Cancellation Newsflash

Why Do Timeshares Remain So Popular?

Aaronson Law Firm, October 18, 2017: We’ve all heard the horror stories about tempestuous timeshare sales presentations and the many woes of timeshare ownership. Why, then, do timeshares remain such a popular vacation reality? Let’s explore this question by examining an sample of how your timeshare sales presentation might proceed…

Timeshare Cancellation Newsflash

Is It Time For Me To Cancel My Timeshare?

Aaronson Law Firm, Orlando, FL, November 7, 2017: Have you recently found yourself at a particularly high level of frustration regarding your timeshare? Perhaps you have begun to think seriously about cancelling your timeshare and have started your research into the process. But nagging doubts seem to cloud your judgment and you are feeling unsure…

Timeshare Cancellation Newsflash

The Nightmare of Timeshare Ownership

Aaronson Law Firm, December 17, 2017: It seemed like a good idea at the time. The timeshare sales agent was very persuasive and it all sounded good to you. But then, after you had signed the sheaf of legal papers to make the timeshare your own, the doubts began to cloud your mind. Deceptions and lies were discovered. Inequalities seen. Perhaps hardships were experienced. Whatever the reason, you desperately want – no, need – to be rid of your timeshare contract….

Timeshare Cancellation Newsflash

The Nightmare of a Timeshare Resale Scam

Andrea Day & Valerie Patriarca, Investigations Inc., CNBC, March 20, 2014: Most likely you have never heard the name Jennifer Kirk. In June, 2011, Kirk plead guilty of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud and was sentenced in 2012 to 188 months in prison. What did she do? Nothing short of running a telemarketing scheme to defraud timeshare owners…

Timeshare Cancellation Newsflash

Beware the Timeshare Terrorist!

Andrea K. Walker, The Baltimore Sun, February 8, 2009: In this article, Andrea K. Walker paints a challenging scenario for us. You’re in the Bahamas, enjoying a nice day at the beach when a charismatic man hands you a beer and strikes up a conversation with you regarding how you can treat your family to a choice day at the beach at a premier resort, complete with meals and tickets …

Timeshare Cancellation Newsflash

Client Testamonials

Besides fixing this problem it really was about gaining TRUST back…

Nathaniel T., Fayetteville, NC: For me besides fixing this problem it really was about gaining TRUST back since the resort stole it from me. This law firm will give you that back…Send your email or call them NOW!…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies

Very professional and efficient…

Marlene S., Los Angeles: I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone who wants to unburden themselves of a timeshare…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies

It was the correct decision for us…

Frank & Peggy H.: They were professional, communicated regularly so we knew where the process was headed and were successfull…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies

Fighting for us and saving us from the timeshare scam…

David & Lisa T., Inverness, FL: The process took only a few months and they achieved a favorable settlement for my family. We would like to thank the Aaronson law group for fighting for us and saving us from the timeshare scam…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies

I was ecstatic with the outcome…

Gisselle S., New York: I was ecstatic with the outcome. The price I paid Attorney Aaronson for his services was reasonable and fair given the circumstances and worth every penny. I don’t need to continue throwing thousands of dollars away anymore…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies

I feel blessed that I was able to find a reputable law firm…

Debbie: I am very gratified to you for helping me get out of this contract, what a relief! I feel blessed that I was able to find a reputable law firm to represent me…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies

The end result is the best we could have hoped for…

Bill and Marty, Virginia: The end result is the best we could have hoped for and far better than we would have been able to procure ourselves. We will recommend Aaronson Law Firm to any who have a similar situation…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies

Thank you Austin Aaronson team – well done!!

Susanne, New York: The team always responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner. One feature I especially liked was that they were able to give me an estimate prior to beginning the process…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies

The Aaronson firm was very efficient

Susanne, New York: The Aaronson firm was very efficient and resolved our time share issue properly with a full deposit refund…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies

They got us out of the timeshare and got our deposit back…

Susanne, New York: If you have a toothache you don’t go to a car mechanic to fix it, so if you have a timeshare issue or problem you turn to the timeshare resolution of the expertise of the Aaronson Law Firm. Not only did they got us out of the timeshare, they even got all our deposit back…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies

Timeshare Nightmares exposes the dark underbelly of the timeshare industry.
Don’t be fooled however, as the book makes for very entertaining reading!  Click Timeshare Nightmares for full description.

timeshare lawyer, timeshare attorney, timeshare cancellation

Are you a little FRUSTRATED and need a timeshare lawyer?

The old adage “Misery Loves Company” certainly applies in the timeshare industry. You are not the only person who has been duped by these timeshare “vacation” clubs. They lure many people in, with many unusual promises that have you thinking you are getting one heck of a deal.

It does not matter how “PRESTIGIOUS” the Timeshare Resort is. We get timeshare cancellation requests for every resort across the board no matter how large or small.

Go back to the meeting you had with the timeshare rep. What would you tell yourself? We bet it is….RUN….Well now you have that chance for redemption. Since you cannot go back in time, hire Aaronson Law Group as your timeshare attorney and begin the cancellation process immediately.

Now is the time to hire an attorney that will represent you the way you need!

What does a typical timeshare presentation involve?

You may be promised an enticement in exchange for attending a 90-minute timeshare presentation. Unfortunately, that half-price ticket or free hotel night may cost you a few hours of time in a very high-pressure sales situation. Our clients often describe tag-teaming sales representatives, who highlight investment benefits and unsurpassed family vacation pleasures. Those same reps gloss over maintenance costs, reservations problems and rapidly decreased timeshare values. Especially to be cautious about, salespersons press for on-the-spot decisions that can immerse you in a lifetime of financial obligations.

How do traditional timeshares compare to points-based timeshares?

Both types are forms of vacation ownership. The traditional timeshare can be a deeded property in which you purchase the right to vacation each year for a week (or more) at a specific resort. Your week(s) can be fixed, floating or rotating.
The points-based timeshares popular today provide purchasers the right to use (or trade) lodging at a number of resorts, but they do not provide buyers with a legal interest in real property. Your use of points and even your ability to make reservations is highly influenced by the size and type of unit you desire, the time of year and location of the resort. For each week of timeshare points purchased, maintenance fees and assessments apply; and timeshares frequently expire after a stated period of time, like 20 to 99 years.

What factors influence timeshare prices?

Timeshare weeks and points vary according to unit sizes, resort locations, times of the week and/or year used and resort amenities available. Timeshares usually are priced per point or per week, and often see an immediate drop in value – often compared to driving a new car off the lot. Timeshare resales are priced much lower than those purchased from the resort developer.

How do timeshares differ from hotels?

Typically, accommodation sizes and amenities set timeshare resorts apart from traditional hotels. As opposed to the usual hotel room or suite with bath, timeshares tend to offer multi-room condos with living, dining and kitchen facilities.

What are maintenance fees?

After purchasing a timeshare, you are obligated to share in the annual expenses to maintain your unit and the common grounds of the resort property. Those expenses cover upkeep, taxes and management fees. Average maintenance fees range from $500 – $1,000 annually, usually per week or per ‘x’ number of points. For example, 2018 Disney Vacation Club fees per 100 points are $62.79 Per Month or $753.53 per year.

Are you concerned about hiring the right attorney to cancel your timeshare? Well you should be. We understand that you are in a very tough spot because of an unscrupulous timeshare sales rep, and we have the experience to get you to the finish line. But don’t take our word for it, view the testimonials above and learn about others who have hired Aaronson Law Group as their timeshare cancellation attorney.

What is the attorney’s process for handling my timeshare cancellation?

Your legal representative will need your resort information to assure that the proper legal counsel is assigned to your case. Your experienced and knowledgeable attorney and support staff will assist you with all of the steps necessary to complete your timeshare termination.
When your timeshare attorney is assigned, you will receive a welcome letter with the name of the assigned attorney and the direct phone number to him or her, as well as our support staff. Your timeshare lawyer will fight for rescission until it is accepted by the timeshare resort and will stand by you throughout the entire timeshare disposal process.