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Current Timeshare Trends

Blog Post Provided By: A timeshare industry ‘veteran’ – RedWeek – recently shared some interesting statistics about the industry’s performance in 2017. For those unfamiliar with the company, RedWeek launched in 2002 in the hope of establishing a reputable online timeshare marketplace. With 2.5 million subscribers and

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Timeshares: From Deeded Property to Questionable Points

Blog Post Provided By:   Original timeshares mirrored the legal structure of a standard condominium in defining one’s interest in a resort. This type of interest involves ownership of the inner walls and interior confines of a given unit and a shared “undivided” interest in common elements

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The Mentality of a Timeshare Developer

   Blog post provided by Aaronson Law Group:   In other blogs, we’ve discussed the pathological tendencies exhibited by sales representatives in the timeshare ‘division’ of the hospitality industry. By necessity, it involves a willingness to knowingly lie about the relative merits of a product that is inherently

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