Timeshare Limericks Provided By Aaronson Law Group:

Aaronson Law Group - Timeshare Recession and Cancellation

There once was a doctor named Phil
His patients sat perfectly still
He examined their charts
And stethed their poor hearts
After their savings were nil.
A timeshare vacation they’d took
At a resort that they booked
A trip on the cheap
But now they’re in deep
Perpetually it seems on the hook.
For then they had met there a man
Who sold them into a scam
He’d put on a show
And what do you know?
Phi’s patients are now in a jam
Why me(?) asked the doctor they saw
Why not a man of the law?
I’m just a quack
Can fix a bad back
But certainly not a faux pas
There once was a lawyer named Rod
Phil’s patients had come on a nod
He tickled their ears
And vanquished their fears
Now that they’re both in the clear
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