Why Retain a Timeshare Attorney? Don’t state and federal agencies protect consumers?

Clients often come to us, after failing to get the support of the “consumer watchdog” agencies they believed could help them. Several factors limit the effectiveness of government entities, from budgets and limited manpower to political changes. Even though fraudulent timeshare tactics have generated considerable losses and distress for consumers, agencies frequently indicate, “You signed the contract” – not a very satisfying answer to someone who has been subjected to deceitful sales practices!

What about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)?

According to their own website, the CFPB focuses on protecting consumers with financial product issues. In the past, the agency has taken some action against predatory timeshare resale scammers, who have bilked timeshare owners with high costs and minimal results. Political changes, however, have diluted the effectiveness of the agency with new leadership and altered purpose and policy.

Help in cancelling your timeshare contract

Despite changes in agency support for consumers, you still face a critical need in cancelling your unwanted timeshare. You likely have experienced extreme pressure and false promises from the skilled salesperson who sought your signature on that timeshare contract. With the complexities of timeshare contracts and the laws associated with them, we would advise you to secure the services of an ethical, professional attorney to help you

Over 80 years of combined experience

Our attorneys at Aaronson Law Firm blend the understanding, training and expertise to help you through the cancellation of your timeshare contract and the protection of your credit in that process. We know what to look for and how to proceed on your behalf against timeshare developers.

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