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Beware of unscrupulous people online holding themselves out as timeshare ‘exit consultants’, ‘consumer advocates’, and the like. Invariably, these people are masquerading as white nights, vowing deliverance from oppressive ‘vacation ownership’ obligations. They are very adept at creating an image of seasoned counselors, in many instances even promising ‘money-back’ guarantees. In reality, with a few notable exceptions, these people are not attorneys. In fact, many of these reprobates have been in the timeshare industry for years as salesman, plying their trade by preying upon elderly and otherwise vulnerable people.

Inevitably, the advice that you’ll receive from these shysters is to just stop paying for the timeshare, wait for it to be foreclosed, and live happily ever after. This advice is a recipe for poison, for a number of reasons: 1. You’re still personally liable on the sales documentation that you signed, including any contractually binding purchase and sale agreements, by whatever name, which in some instances include a promissory note. You may be sued by the timeshare developer, with no claims or defenses to protect yourself; 2. In any case, you will likely receive brow-beating phone calls demanding payment, collection letters, emails, and other harassment. Collection agents will hound you for the money unremittingly; and 3. Your credit will be assaulted with negative reporting, making it difficult or impossible to finance transportation and residential needs in the future.

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In case you don’t already understand, the timeshare closing documents that you signed bind you legally. Simply put, they create an obligation that cannot be ignored without ramifications. The task involved in challenging an otherwise binding legal indenture is squarely within the definition of practicing law. It goes without saying, then, that to do so you must have licensed legal representation.

You would not hire a heart ‘consultant’ to treat hypertension. Nor would you hire an anti-diabetes ‘advocate’ to deal with this debilitating conduction. And if you pay good money to someone professing expertise in contract law – so much so that he or she even can even extract you from binding legal consequences – you better make absolutely sure they at least have a license to practice law. If not, you’re simply wasting your time and money.

In point of fact, anyone ‘guaranteeing’ you anything legally is by definition a scammer. This is because not even the most seasoned attorney can guarantee you results, at least not without violating the Rules of Professional Conduct. (See e.g., ABA Model Rule 7.1).

But there are many reasons to hire a timeshare attorney, some obvious, some not so much. As timeshare law attorneys, our jobs involve many nuances in dealing with legal abstractions. These often entail articulating compelling legal bases for the invalidity of specific contractual provisions, involving issues pertaining to fraud-in-the-inducement, the validity of waivers and disclaimers, and contractual defenses maintainable in many instances, such as duress, capacity, and many others.

Regardless, in the final analysis, our only pledge to the client is relatively simple: We will do everything possible in reassuring you that your legal interests are our absolute priority. We will always return you phone calls and keep you informed as to the status of your case, and we will force your legal adversaries to deal with us exclusively – there will be no harassment from debt collectors, etc.

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