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Current Timeshare Trends

Blog Post Provided By: A timeshare industry ‘veteran’ – RedWeek – recently shared some interesting statistics about the industry’s performance in 2017. For those unfamiliar with the company, RedWeek launched in 2002 in the hope of establishing a reputable online timeshare marketplace. With 2.5 million subscribers and

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All Timeshares Are Not Created Equal

Blog Post Provided By: Timeshare ownership has changed considerably over the years, evolving from a deeded, locked-in time frame at one resort location to points-based travel and vacation clubs with multiple destination options. Each type of timeshare affords significant differences in benefits, financial obligations and legal status.

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Forced Arbitration: Timeshare Fine Print

Blog Post Provided By: Buyer’s remorse.  You aren’t getting what you paid for – lots of unfulfilled promises, interminable roadblocks in scheduling your vacation, escalating maintenance fees, minimal assistance from the timeshare company. This is not the bonding family vacation experience you envisioned. You want out. Often

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