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Diamond Resorts International, Inc., is an incredibly profitable company. They are also publicly traded, so that one can gain a certain amount of insight into how they operate. And they appear willing to stop at nothing to maintain this profitability.

Diamond’s modus operandi recently has not been about building new resort facilities. Rather, it is inclined to acquire existing facilities from previous developers, many of which were set up on the deed system. In some cases, these resorts were substantially sold out to deeded owners. Undeterred, Diamond has then endeavored to ‘revoke’ the deeds, a unilateral act utterly without legal authority, and impose a ‘points’ system conferring greater access based upon amount of points purchased.

In this fashion, Diamond can accomplish several things that it could not do otherwise: 1. It can again commence the sale of new timeshare interests without having to build new facilities; 2. It can do so without recording deeds in public records, which was a public disclosure substantially impeding it from overbooking resorts. This practice is incredibly unfair to the owners of existing interests in these resorts, deeded or otherwise.

So don’t be too surprised if, next time you try to book your vacation, you are told that you have insufficient points to access any of the accommodations, and that you’ll have to buy more. That is one of the common timeshare traps we encounter.

Don’t Fall For The Timeshare Traps!

If you are disappointed with your Diamond timeshare, or have fallen victim to one of the many timeshare traps, please don’t hesitate to call us concerning your legal options, including rescission of the contract, free of charge.

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