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Tell me if this sounds like your timeshare sales pitch: “You’re making an investment in your future. And not just your qualify of life, but financially as well. The units continue to appreciate in value, year after year. You’re gonna’ love it, and even if you don’t, our resale department will buy it back. But the chances of this are nil, and there are people waiting in the wings to jump on this opportunity. So if you don’t act now, it won’t be there tomorrow.”

By now you probably know that there exists no meaningful after-market for timeshare sales or re-sales. Regrettably, this fact has not prevented the formation of a cottage industry of shadowy individuals who will promise to ‘re-sell’ your timeshare. They will also promise to get you out of any obligation that you may have with your developer. Make no mistake, these are people who generally operate out of fly-by-night boiler rooms. They will be more than happy to relieve you of your money. But they are not licensed realtors, and their specialty is to prey upon vulnerable individuals who have already been victimized, and are desperately reaching out for a solution.
And even if you receive from them what purports to be a signed deed back to the developer or some third party, this will generally not get you out of your timeshare obligation.

These scams have fostered recently enacted legislation on the books in turn spawning scores of criminal prosecutions around the U.S. The bottom line: Don’t get scammed again. Your best chance to keep this from happening is to hire an attorney.

You owe it to yourself to obtain sound, competent legal representation by counsel with over twenty-five years experience in contract litigation. You will be made aware of your rights in addressing the situation with professionalism and integrity. In many cases we can obtain a legal rescission of the contract so as to get you out from under that oppressive lifelong timeshare obligation. At the very least, there often exist good faith legal grounds to warrant a formal dispute invoking federal consumer law to protect your credit with the national bureaus. We’ll be happy to discuss your rights free of charge at 407-644-1336.

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