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At the risk of dating myself, I have practiced general contract law and litigation for over 25 years, with an emphasis in recent years on contract law as it applies to timeshares. There exists stringent requirements for licensure as an attorney admitted to practice before the bar, scholastically, ethically, and otherwise. These include, at a minimum: 1. A four year undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university; 2. A law school ‘aptitude’ exam to evaluate your abilities as a potential law student; 3. Acceptance by and admission to a law school accredited by the American Bar Association; 4. Three years of rigorous training during law school, including scholastic and clinical curricula: 5. Taking and passing the bar exam, generally administered over the course of several days; 6. Passing a stringent F.B.I. background investigation; 7. Continuing legal education with each passing year – often thirty hours per reporting period in the licensing jurisdiction.
It goes without saying that anyone willing to subject himself to this process has made a substantial commitment involving many years of his or her life. It also a reasonable inference that such an individual will not carelessly jeopardize this status through questionable business practices that could result in disbarment. Fly-by-night schemes often perpetrated by non-lawyers include timeshare “re-sales”, “charitable donation” services, and unlicensed ‘cancellation’ services.
Moreover, to properly cancel a timeshare, it requires something that only an attorney can provide – leverage. “Leverage” means the ability to sue the timeshare developer for rescission of the contract, as well as for monetary loss. Needless to say a non-lawyer cannot do this on your behalf, and thus any timeshare cancellation service not operated by a licensed attorney is, by definition, a scam.
If you are among the millions of disaffected timeshare owners, you owe it to yourself to hire a duly licensed attorney to represent you in addressing any legal concerns that arise. Even if you don’t hire our firm, by all means make it a point to hire a qualified attorney with an active bar license.

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