Timeshares: Not the “Good Faith” You Expected

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Perhaps you made a fairly straightforward decision to purchase your timeshare and contacted the resort or brand of your choosing. Other friends and family may have faced enticing incentives and high-pressure sales presentations before making their decision. In either case, you expected value and good faith in the process. Those expectations are especially valid when dealing with time-honored and respected hotel brands that offer timeshare opportunities.

The timeshare salesperson presented advantages and benefits you believed. Essentially, he or she promised luxury resort locations, reasonable maintenance costs, a great investment opportunity with re-sale value and years of enduring, quality family time at the vacation destination of your choosing. You accepted their promises in good faith, believing that they acted honestly with the intention of keeping those promises and were not taking unfair advantage of you.

You have only to scan the web for timeshare complaints to understand the overwhelming dissatisfaction many owners describe, and they include well-known hotel brands from Westgate and Hyatt to Marriott and Hilton. Timeshare owners encounter ever-increasing maintenance costs and special assessments. The reservation process involves lengthy planning, decreasing availability, no transparency, rising exchange rates and increasing amount of points required.

A vast number of owners then decide to exit their timeshares, only to discover that their ‘financial investment’ has little re-sale value and highly questionable markets. In fact, timeshare resale scams have brought about legislative changes to protect consumers from unscrupulous tactics. Where can you find reliable help to cancel your timeshare?


Our attorneys at Aaronson Law Firm have assisted many clients who acted in good faith in purchasing their timeshares but find themselves with mounting assessments and “no way out.”  Chances are good that your timeshare developer is legally exposed in relatively straightforward and provable ways. With over 80 years of combined legal experience, our competent counsel is here to help you and is willing to sue, if necessary, in the interest of getting your timeshare cancelled. Contact us today for your free consultation.