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Timeshares: Not the “Good Faith” You Expected

Blog Post Provided By: Perhaps you made a fairly straightforward decision to purchase your timeshare and contacted the resort or brand of your choosing. Other friends and family may have faced enticing incentives and high-pressure sales presentations before making their decision. In either case, you expected value

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Timeshare Resale Scams Prey on the Elderly

Blog Post Provided By: The “bookends” of our society – children and elders – are the most vulnerable and, sadly, can become victims of abuse. Older people often have no friends or family close by and may experience memory loss, dementia, or other health issues that diminish

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Timeshare Deceit!

Blog Post Provided By Aaronson Law Firm Google the word “timeshare donation” and the top pick on the list is ‘Donate for a Cause’. Below the banner depicting a retired couple celebrating their newfound freedom and philanthropy is a notice pursuant to a court order and informing

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