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Timeshare Bait and Switch

Were you tricked into a timeshare bait and switch? During a typical timeshare sale, promises are made during the process verbally and in glossy literature touting the opulent surroundings and accommodations in exotic locations throughout the world. However, when you finally book and travel to whatever site may be available – if anything at all – you find yourself in something less appealing. The prices that you pay annually could easily have bought you a four star resort with unlimited resort destination options. When you complain about it to the resort developer, you are directed to read the fine print in the contract full of disclaimers and waivers that purport to justify this bait and switch. What’s worse, there doesn’t seem to be any way out.

Aaronson Law Group (Timeshare scam attorney)You owe it to yourself to obtain sound, competent legal representation by counsel with over twenty-five years experience in contract litigation. You will be made aware of your rights in addressing the situation with professionalism and integrity. In many cases we can obtain a legal rescission of the contract so as to get you out from under that oppressive lifelong timeshare obligation. At the very least, there often exist good faith legal grounds to warrant a formal dispute invoking federal consumer law to protect your credit with the national bureaus. We’ll be happy to discuss your rights free of charge at 407-644-1336.

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