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Timeshare Grievances – The Classic Case

If there is a classic scenario reflecting the essence of timeshare grievances, this might be it: You respond to an add online touting a discounted cruise. You cruise with your wife, with the understanding that you’ll have to sit through some sales pitch. During the pitch, you realize they’re selling vacation ‘ownership’. It’s really a timeshare, touted by a team of slick salesmen during a high pressure sales pitches involving promise after promise about the opulent surroundings, the exotic locations, and the prudent ‘investment’ you are making. You are further told that the developer had a resale department and would either re-sell it to a third party or buy it back if not. There are literally people ‘waiting in the wings’ to jump on your deal if you don’t act right then and there. After several hours of this charade, you finally capitulate and sign off on the documents, as much to get out of the room as anything else.

Get Out of Wyndham TimeshareSome time later, you get back home, and try to book a vacation for later in the year. No dice. You are told to go back and read your closing documents. You finally have a meaningful chance to review the paperwork, and come to realize that the sales representatives dramatically understated the cost of the timeshare. For the first time you begin to understand the prohibitively expensive nature of the purchase. You realize that the many of the exotic vacation amenities and locations are not even accessible. You can’t believe that you fell for it.

You try to call the developer. The developer does not respond to your complaints, and refuses to give contact information to field questions or concerns about its practices. Finally, they refuse to provide an accounting upon request for a line item reconciliation of revenue versus expenses in the handling of ‘maintenance fees’, which continue to escalate without any documented justification.

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