Westgate Timeshare Cancellation

Can I Cancel My Westgate Timeshare Contract?

You’ve sat through the timeshare sales presentation and found yourself signing on the dotted line, maybe you have sat through one at Westgate Resorts. However, now you are experiencing remorse regarding your purchase after realizing that you cannot afford or use your timeshare. What is the problem? The timeshare rescission period has elapsed – that period of time that most states mandate be available to the buyer to rescind the timeshare contract without penalty, usually measured in days. What can you do now?

Timeshare sales is a competitive sales environment, no matter if it is Westgate or another, where sales agents vie for your hard-earned money via timeshare sales to earn their ample commissions, and they are quite good at convincing you to sign through the use of any number of devious and deceptive sales practices. Perhaps you were lied to about the property, or given assurances and promises that have not materialized. Were you told that your timeshare purchase was a good investment? Maybe you were simply goaded into signing. And, after the sales presentation was over, were you able to book availability for your timeshare? Or did you not have enough points to book what you had been told was available to you?

All of these timeshare sales and ownership deceptions are just a few of the building blocks which may constitute a successful case for the rescission of your Westgate timeshare contract. For more information about cancelling your timeshare, please read our 5-part blog entry entitled Is It Possible For Me To Cancel My Timeshare Contract?

The attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm stand ready and able to build that case for you. They can bring the proper level of legal pressure to bear to bring about the cancellation of your Westgate timeshare contract and, if necessary, go to litigation to help secure a positive outcome. Contact them today for your free consultation – it’s not too late!