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Billy booked a timeshare, hardy har har
He and Lilly went there, kinda’ took a leap
Someone paid their airfare, even paid to park
Bill and Lilly stayed there, vacationed on the cheap
Had to meet a man there, basically a shark
Billy bought the timeshare, like a lost sheep
Now they get welfare, hardy har har
Never go back there, cause it’s too steep
Someone still writes them, sends its regards
Billy still pays there, his credit score to keep
Lilly has nightmares, every night at dark
Billy’s still paying, even in his sleep
Never buy a timeshare, hardy har har
Never even go there, even just to sleep
You’ll have to meet a man there, basically a shark
He’ll try sell the timeshare, make you think it’s cheap
Resist and there’ll be warfare, just you wait and see
Billy booked a timeshare, now he’s in deep

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