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Timeshare ‘resales’
Often during a timeshare presentation your unscrupulous salesman promised you what a great ‘investment’ your timeshare would be, appreciating in value and sure to bring a nice return upon resale. Along these lines, there are a number of equally unscrupulous characters in the business of engaging in timeshare ‘resales’ after the fact, seemingly picking up where the original salespeople left off.

In case you haven’t learned this already, we’re sorry to have to break it to you – there is no resale market for timeshares. So please don’t get taken advantage of again by some unsavory person masquerading as a timeshare ‘resale’ agent, who may well ask for several thousand dollars in order to ‘sell’ your timeshare. Don’t be taken in. Even if you could ‘sell’ the timeshare to a third party, this still would not get you out of the original contract with your timeshare company without a formal release.

You’re much better off simply getting out from under the contract through a rescission that will protect your credit bureau reports by absolving you of any and all liability under the original contract. If you want to get out from under your timeshare obligation, please contact us at our earliest convenience.

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