Aaronson Law Group - Timeshare Recession and Cancellation

Timeshare Rescission:

The word ‘rescission’ is a form of legalese loosely meaning cancellation, as in your timeshare contract. More technically, ‘rescission’ is a noun deriving from the verb ‘rescind’ – to invalidate or void.

If we are able to accomplish timeshare rescission for you, it does several things, to include:

1. It clears your credit and eliminates any derogatory reporting;

2. Depending on the specific language of the rescission agreement, it may be presented to your credit card lender to solicit a refund with respect to any money paid down to the developer in purchasing your timeshare, particularly in the case of a recent purchase.

Call us to discuss our program of timeshare contract rescission and all of its details. Although statistics don’t guarantee a result in any given case, we have developed a strategy rendering overwhelmingly favorable results.

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