Timeshare Availability – A Pixie Dust Conundrum!

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The original fixed-week, fixed-resort timeshares are few and far between today, upstaged by flexible, multi-destination resorts throughout the world. The compelling aura surrounding timeshare vacations in a variety of exotic locations appeals to many with a lengthy bucket list of desired destinations. Honolulu, Paris, Aspen, Venice, Orlando. So many options, so little time.

According to the timeshare sales representative, your points-based vacation ownership opens the doors to an endless supply of worldwide resorts affiliated with the brand. The number of points required for your ideal vacation, though, varies with a number of considerations:  length of stay, accommodation size, resort location, and time of year.

Oh, but when you actually try to book that dream vacation, reality strikes with a fierce blow! You want a beachfront in Oahu only to discover a cabin in Branson, Missouri, is the only available accommodation during your planned vacation time. Hmmm. So, you plan further ahead and expand your preferences – a year out and 100 different locations ought to hit the jackpot. “Sorry, we have no inventory at this time.”

Lack of access is one of the most common issues we hear from owners, who discover a pervasive lack of availability in their timeshare resort locations. That salesperson sprinkled some magical pixie dust in promising that you could make reservations whenever and wherever you want.

Take a look at any number of internet sites, and you see the same issue over and over.  TripAdvisor, for example, offers more than 600 million traveler reviews of the largest selection of travel listings worldwide. Frustrated timeshare owners share their scheduling woes in abundance.

“Even when I try to make a reservation in advance, 6 months or 1 year, the resort only denies the spaces.”

“I put my name on the waiting list for 120 different places ANY time in June or July . . . we finally got a call that our names had come up on one place . . . not worth the stress.”

“I have been a Marriott timeshare owner for over fifteen years and every time I put in my requests for other locations that are popular, I NEVER get it . . . They don’t have the inventory and ask if I want to change my dates or locations.”

“We figured out that we’ve put in over 40 hours trying to get an exchange . . . We are looking at losing all the money we’ve paid for maintenance fees and the deposit fee because our resort has NO INVENTORY.”


Despite accessibility issues and other legal hurdles, chances are good that your timeshare developer is exposed legally in ways that are relatively straightforward and provable. You owe it to yourself to hire experienced, competent counsel. At the Aaronson Law Firm, we have over 80 years of combined legal experience. And we are willing to sue, if necessary, in the interest of getting your timeshare cancelled. Contact us today for your free consultation.