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I Have Contracted an Illness Which Prevents Me From Using My Timeshare – Can I Cancel the Contract?

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Eryka Washington – Investigative Reporter, News 6, November 11, 2016: Meet Ralph Marble, who, after purchasing his timeshare in 2005, was diagnosed shortly thereafter with an illness which did not allow him to travel. In fact, he has not used his timeshare one time since he purchased it. No longer affordable, Marble tried to cancel his timeshare with the developer numerous time, but to no avail.

Even after Marble related the fact to the developer that he was unable to travel due to his illness, the developer would not let him relinquish ownership of his timeshare. This meant that the maintenance fees, once a manageable $200/year but were now $700/year and rising, would continue in perpetuity, following him through his life and transferring to his heirs upon his demise.

The sad truth to this story is that it is a typical complaint. Contracts favor the developer and timeshare sales presentations, slated to last only 90 minutes, usually last up to 5 hours or more. We continually hear stories of hard-sell tactics, lies and outright deceptions being told to prospective timeshare buyers. Sales agents are commissioned, meaning that they fight hard to earn their sales and say what they must to the unsuspecting buyers to get them to sign on the bottom line.

After you have purchased your timeshare and the rescission period has lapsed, then the reality of the situation begins to strike home. The financial burdens become apparent, and woe to the owner who, due to unforeseen circumstances, cannot use or afford his timeshare anymore. Just ask Ralph Marble.

The first action that comes to mind is to sell your timeshare. But soon you realize that timeshare resellers will only take your money and leave you still owning your timeshare. After all, they will certainly have the same trouble that you had when dealing with the developer. What about selling your timeshare on sites such as ebay? A quick scan of current offerings reveals that many timeshares are being offered for $1.00, which implies that the owners are desperate to “dump” the timeshare. That’s when you realize that your timeshare is not really worth much.

What is left to do? Consider retaining the services of a competent attorney to help you cancel your timeshare contract. They will fully evaluate your case and leverage the details of deceptions, lies, hardship, etc., to bring your timeshare cancellation to fruition. The attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm stand ready and able to help you bring the pressure to bear on your timeshare developer to procure the cancellation of your timeshare. They will bring litigation where necessary to get you the satisfaction that you deserve.

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