Timeshare Newsflash

Prospective Timeshare Buyer Not Allowed to View Property

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Action9, WFTV9-ABC, Orlando, Fl: So you’ve finally found a buyer for your timeshare! The process was arduous and your finances were tight – but now the wait is over. Only, you receive a letter from the timeshare developer that your prospective buyer will not be allowed to view the property. This is what happened to Clermont resident Sylvia Kelly and it was a gut-wrenching reminder that timeshare developers will not easily work with you after the initial sale of the timeshare – unless, of course, an upgrade is in the offing.

In this case, Sylvia had struggled with her timeshare payments and had decided to sell after realizing that she was facing foreclosure. Luckily, a friend stepped forward to buy her timeshare. However, she was informed via email that her buyer must purchase the timeshare “sight unseen,” something that, understandably, her buyer could not consent to. Where did that leave Sylvia? Without a buyer and back to square one.

One action that Sylvia and anyone else in this situation should consider at this point is to retain the services of a reputable timeshare cancellation law firm, such as the Aaronson Law Firm, to help them cancel their timeshare. Our attorneys stand ready to bring the extertise and pressure necessary to get the attention of the timeshare developers and get your timeshare cancelled, all the way to litigation if necessary. It’s all that we do…