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The Ins and Outs of Timeshare Ownership

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Robert Massi, The Hidden Truth About Timeshares, Fox News: There are so many people who have discovered, too late, the ins and outs of timeshare ownership. For those who are exploring the possibility of purchasing a timeshare, our advice would be to do your due diligence and vet the process thoroughly! In particular, there are 3 things to know prior to buying.

1. Be totally aware of the situation prior to going into the timeshare sales presentation!

The sales agent is most likely operating on a commission and therefore will use every trick they can muster to sell you a timeshare. Problems with financing? They will suddenly become very creative and persuasive in getting you to accept their proposals. Not in your budget? Not in their vocabulary. What you can count on is a hardlined, muliple-hour effort to bully you somehow into accepting their offer. Be prepared for the war!

If you decide to check into a timeshare reseller to buy or sell a timeshare, be very careful with the process! The timeshare reseller markets are fraught with scams which look to deceiving you into selling you a worthless timeshare. Another tactice used by resellers is to tell you that they will sell your timeshare and if they cannot, they will buy it from you. What usually happens is that you are out all of the money you paid upfront with nothing to show for it.

2. Timeshares are for life!

Be very wary of the phrase “in perpetuity” as it refers to your permanent ownership of the timeshare. When you die, many timeshare contracts are passed onto your heirs, including timeshare fees such as maintenance fees. They never go away and can become a hardship later in life when you are looking to divest yourself of such fees.

3. Timeshares are not a good investment!

Regardless of what the timeshare sales agent tells you, timeshares are never a sound investment. You will not recoup your money. They do not hold their value, if indeed they can be considered to have monetary value. Your timeshare will also be extremely difficult to sell, if at all possible.

These are but three of the main points that you should be aware of when contemplating the purchase of a timeshare.

Perhaps you have already purchased a timeshare and have had enough of the fees, inability to schedule your vacations, continuing lies and deceptions, and the continued high-pressure to upgrade your timeshare to receive problem resolutions. When timeshare cancellation becomes your fervent desire, the attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm stand ready to help you cancel your timeshare – it’s all that we do…