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Maintenance Fee Headaches (Part 2)

Blog Post Provided By: If accelerating annual maintenance fees pose headaches for timeshare owners, special assessments can well produce migraines! Yes, the right to levy special fees is outlined in that contract you signed, and those additional fees can be very expensive. Special assessments cover unexpected (non-reserved)

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Maintenance Fee Headaches (Part 1)

Blog Post Provided By: Ever-increasing maintenance fees are the source of some of the most common complaints – and headaches – among timeshare owners.  Unfortunately, two aspirins and a careful review of your timeshare contract don’t even begin to make the pain go away. Generally, timeshare vacation

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Timeshares and Perpetuity

Blog Provided by Aaronson Law Group  Perpetuity (n): 1.  The state of continuing forever or for a very long time; 2.  Eternity; 3.  The quality or state of being perpetual <bequeathed to them in perpetuity>; 4.  The condition of an estate limited so that it will not take effect or

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