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Is It Possible For Me To Cancel My Timeshare Contract? (Part 5)

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Aaronson Law Firm
Orlando, Fl, October 13, 2017:

In Part 4 of our discussion regarding your ability to have your timeshare contract cancelled, we explored the financial information regarding your timeshare purchase and ownership that your timeshare attorney will ask of you. This information serves to help the timeshare attorney evaluate your case and leads to answers about how the timeshare attorney can best help you with the cancellation of your timeshare contract.

You’ve provided all of the information requested of you for your timeshare cancellation consultation. You’ve thought it through and realize that retaining a competent timeshare attorney is your best option for being assured of a successful resolution. What happens after your case begins?

Question 5: How will my timeshare attorney proceed with my timeshare cancellation case once I have provided the information regarding my timeshare purchase and ownership experiences?

So what steps are performed by your timeshare attorney going forward?

1. Further information gathering. You will work with attorneys and their paralegals to gather every bit of information available regarding your timeshare sales presentation and your timeshare ownership experiences. “But wait”, you say. “Didn’t I already provide that information during the consultation phase?” Yes, but through the use of very detailed and specialized questionnaires and discussions you are lead to remember every aspect of your timeshare sales presentation and your timeshare ownership experiences. Your recall of circumstances increases and the resulting information gleaned from this process serves to strengthen your case. Again, the intent is to build the strongest case possible at the beginning of the process.

2. Demand letter. After the information gathering is complete, the timeshare attorney will craft a demand letter to send to your timeshare developer. As stated by Wikipedia, “A demand letter, or letter of demand (of payment), is a letter stating a legal claim (usually drafted by a lawyer) which makes a demand for restitution or performance of some obligation, owing to the recipients’ alleged breach of contract, or for a legal wrong.” In the case for timeshare cancellation, the demand letter is very specific as to the wrongs inflicted by the developer upon you the client and demands restitution in the form of a release from your timeshare contract. Depending upon the facts of your case, it may also require financial restitution of some monies paid to the developer by you, the client and purchaser of the timeshare.

3. Credit Protection. It is not uncommon to be in a position of being behind in the payments of your timeshare mortgage or maintenance fees. Perhaps you have already received letters demanding payment and threatening foreclosure. Once you have become a client to a competent timeshare attorney, such as those found at the Aaronson Law Firm, you will be afforded credit assistance for dealing with any credit issues which may arise. For example, you will receive detailed instructions for dealing with the credit reporting bureaus. One other major advantage to this protection is that the timeshare attorney has now been placed between you and your timeshare developer. That is, the timeshare developer and their collections department people must go through the timeshare attorney – they can no longer contact you directly.

4. Litigation. If the demand letter has been sent and all negotiation has failed, the option remains open to proceed to litigation, that is, to sue your timeshare developer. Sometimes, after the dust has settled but the developer remains obstinate, a timeshare lawyer must take the next step of proper legal pressure to obtain the results that you desire – namely, the cancellation of your timeshare. The attorneys of Aaronson Law Firm have the experience and willingness to do this as it becomes necessary. This is why it is so important to retain the services of a competent timeshare attorney who can bring the proper level of legal pressure to the developer. You will not find this service available to you with a non-attorney based timeshare release company.

In today’s litigious world, there are no absolute guarantees of a successful outcome. But rest assured that retaining the services of a competent timeshare attorney, such as those found at the Aaronson Law Firm provides you with your absolute best option for attaining your goal of a successful timeshare contract cancellation.

Are you ready to see the light at the end of the timeshare tunnel? The experienced timeshare attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm stand ready and able to provide you with the answers you need regarding your timeshare case. Let them assist you with the cancellation of your timeshare – it’s all that they do. Contact them now for your free consultation. It’s not too late!