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Vacation ownership buyers generally don’t plan their purchase. Typically the poor purchaser has been unknowingly  baited into the trap through some enticement, such as discounted theme park tickets. He is already a tourist on vacation, relaxed, and vulnerable. 
Empirical studies have shown that those on vacation are more likely to buy things that they would not ordinarily pay for. Indeed, tourists will even pay more for the same products or services relative to what they pay at home.
From a psychological standpoint, vacation time,  by definition,  involves a  relaxed, stress-free trip away from it all. And so the natural psychological defenses are diminished, and we become more vulnerable, and that much more likely to say yes to that nice sales lady who has spent all those hours trying to improve our quality of life.
Mind you, as a tourist having accepted the enticement, you are already in ‘debt’  to the provider of hospitality. After all, you’re on your way to Disney on their nickel. At least show a little gratitude, for crying out loud.
Sometimes, things may turn ugly. Especially if you’re several hours into the sales pitch, with no closure in sight. In these cases, a ‘closer’ is sometimes brought in specifically to bring a more  confrontational approach. In these instances, you become more likely  to say ‘yes’ simply to get out of the room. This is your holiday, after all. You’re supposed to be at the beach, the bar, the pool, or the golf course. Anywhere but there, stuck in a little sales room with some timeshare hatchet man brow beating you to sign on the dotted line.
In any case, you’re so far from home. It may be Vegas, Orlando, or even Cancun.  Wherever it is, it’s not your hometown. So even if there turns out to be some problem, it somehow seems less likely to follow you back to a place like Chicago.
So this is why and how intelligent people fall into timeshare traps. Doctors, lawyers, anchormen, and even politicians are among the ranks of people that we’ve dealt with. So if you’ve fallen into a timeshare trap,  please call us free of charge. We’ll talk about your legal options to address the obligation, endeavoring to cancel the contract.

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