Timeshare Newsflash

An Interesting Perspective on the Timeshare Sales Process

Timeshare News Flash - 5, Source: Freeimages, royalty free
Jason Hull, Hull Financial Planning: If you haven’t made the plunge yet and bought a timeshare, or you are seriously on the cusp and have a timeshare sales presentation scheduled, read about the adventures of Jason Hull and his new wife. Jason is a Certified Financial Planner and brings an interesting perspective on the timeshare sales process. See how he managed to resist not one, but two hardsell presentations. Perhaps you have already taken that leap and are now the not-so-proud owner of a boat-anchor timeshare and wish to be rid of your personal albatross. The attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm stand ready to assist you to legitimately and legally cancel your timeshare contract. It’s not too late…