Testimonials 2

In the interest of legally-mandated confidentiality, testimonials reflect actual narratives of former clients rendered by paid professionals.


I too was very cautious about talking to anyone about my timeshare problems, but the legal team of Aaronson, Austin P.A. is the real deal. They do what they say in a timely manner and for a very reasonable cost, no surprises. Talk to Diane Stephens, very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

Ron Fairfield

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Devra and I want to thank you and your firm for the professional way you handled our issue and the outcome that allowed us to get out of an unfortunate circumstance that has strained our finances for years. You and Mr. Aaronson made the action taken effortless, along with guiding us through the necessary steps to reach a successful conclusion. When large companies take advantage of people through deceptive “in person sales” techniques, hand you hundreds of pages of documents in a bound contract book, and say you can’t lose because the Company will buy back what you have purchased and that fees to an association are for the benefit of the owner (me,) it is no wonder good trusting people like us have to use your firm’s services.After paying hundreds of dollars to Timeshare Real estate firms over 5 years, learning that as an owner you really have very little to sell and the fees, if sold, are outrageous, your Firm provided a straight forward service that I can only say was miraculous.

Both Devra and I would recommend your firm to anyone caught in our situation—to resolve something in 6 months that we have been trying to work out for 5 years is a testimony to your Professionalism, Credibility and Know How.

Thanks Again,
Shawn G and Devra A Kelly

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” My husband and I fell for a timeshare scam while we were on our honeymoon in Las Vegas. We did not know that there was a period of time we could get out of it and by the time we realized we had been tricked, it was too late. I called Austin Aaronson and described my situation and they immediately went to work for me fighting to be rid of this timeshare. Within a few short months, they had completely got us out of the contract and had protected our credit from negative information. I am so thankful for this firm and all the help they gave us, they truly saved us from a never ending financial drain.”


“We would like to express our gratitude to the firm of Austin Aaronson, P.A and his legal assistant,
Diane Stephens, for their expert knowledge of the industry, professionalism, timely response and for guiding
us through the nightmare of getting rid of a scam timeshare investment. We thought we were out of options
when we came across their website and decided to give them a try. They explained the possible outcomes
and kept our expectations realistic. Throughout this whole ordeal, the time and money spent with
Austin Aaronson, P.A was the only portion well spent!! The goal was achieved and we were finally released
from our contract & the increasing annual maintenance fees. Our advice to anyone going on holiday:
Be aware of the sharks out there that are waiting to take advantage of people in a relaxed environment.
There should be some way to hold these fraudulent companies accountable. They ruin lives and
unfortunately, It’s just business to them. I wish I had found Austin Aaronson, P.A sooner and we would definitely
recommend their excellent services to anyone. This was a valuable life lesson and one we’ll never forget.”

Thanks again!
Rob & Stephanie


Austin Aaronson and his legal team did a great job of handling our case. Within 30 days they were able to get
us out of our contract with a resort timeshare.We’re now relieved of the timeshare burden and couldn’t
be happier.

Thanks for everything,
Cliff and Idalia
Fredericksburg, VA
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Although I personally contacted Aaronson Law Group myself, I was still a bit skeptical that they could get me
out of a timeshare that did not follow through on their promises and was becoming an
overwhelming financial burden.

In less that 45 days from my first call with this firm, I was completely relieved of all obligations to
my timeshare. Not only did they do what they promised to do at a very reasonable price,
my credit was not adversely effected. I still have good credit and no longer tied to an unwanted timeshare
….what more can I ask for.

I would highly recommend this firm to anyone having to content with timeshare unethical practices.

Thanks again,
Richmond Hill, GA
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On April 2014, I bought a timeshare in Orlando, Florida. It was the worst financial decision I ever made. Hopefully I got in contact with Aaronson Law Group. They guided me in the process of cancellation and worked very fast and accurate to fix my problem. Ten days later, they contacted me and let me know I got my money back and the contract was completely cancel.
Special thanks to Diane for your patience and professionalism.

Hector from New Jersey.