Can I Cancel My Hyatt Residence Club Timeshare Contract?

Perhaps you’ve seen the wonderful photos of Hyatt Residence Club timeshare properties in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, California and Texas. You’ve pictured yourself water skiing or snow skiing at the lush resorts, horseback riding to discover new trails while living your dream vacation with your family. This has lead to your attendence at a timeshare sales presentation, where videos of happy families enjoying the time of their lives were shown. You listen to the sales agent and soon are mesmerized to the point of signing on the dotted line to purchase your dream vacation come true.

But then, after the mandated rescission period has elapsed, you find yourself regretting your decision. It seemed so right at the time. However, the deceptive promises that were presented to you fail to materialize and the luster quickly fades as the financial reality of your situation strikes home. Can you afford your new timeshare with its added mortgage, down-payment payoff and yearly maintenance fees? Were you able to book availability at the resort that you believed was being sold to you, or were you deficient in points? The questions become harsher as you realize that this was not such a great investment after all.

cancelling your Hyatt Residence Club timeshare contract. We suggest that you begin your research by reading our 5-part blog entry entitled Is It Possible For Me To Cancel My Timeshare Contract? This will help to ground you in deciding on how to avoid the pitfalls of timeshare ownership and rescission.

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