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Timeshare Psychology

Why do smart people sometimes do stupid things? We often have intelligent, educated people approach us to help with their timeshare situation(s), with recriminations like “I can’t believe that I actually fell for this”. These include doctors, lawyers, politicians, and clergymen, among other very accomplished people. Timeshare psychology may have something to do with it.

There is a highly refined methodology to timeshare sales that is deeply rooted in the psychology of human interaction. It begins with the notion that you have accepted something from the sellers as a ‘gratuity’ and are thus beholden to them. Free tickets to Disney, perhaps, or a discounted cruise.

sigmund freud
Sigmund Freud

Next, you are already on vacation. Empirical studies prove that you are more likely to spend more money for the same items while vacationing, and to buy things that you otherwise would not buy. That’s why there are very few gift shops located in downtown Hoboken.

A third element to this is the locale and ‘atmosphere’ of the point of sale. It’s usually in a posh resort destination, perhaps with friendly people wearing Hawaiian shirts bringing you refreshments, snacks, etc… This is a mechanism to make you feel further in ‘debt’ to the seller, and to slowly erode your natural defenses in the most laid back possible environment.

Finally, there is the personal element — the essence of the sale. We’ve reflected on this in other blogs, and volumes of literature have been written about it, but here’s what it boils down to: The degree of trust that we generally extend to others is proportional with our own trustworthiness. (See, e.g.,http://www.strategicleadershipinstitute.net/news/scientific-proof-that-trusting-people-makes-them-more-trustworthy) . The problem is that if you are particularly trusting, you may also be more easily misled. Our research tells us that salespeople in general, and particularly timeshare salesmen are often highly perceptive ‘readers’ of people with the ability to spot an easy mark and manipulate the situation accordingly.

Most of us want, innately, to believe that people around us share our values, especially those intrinsic to our morality. In certain settings, however, including timeshare sales, you simply cannot. We’ve documented in past blogs that the timeshare sales industry may lend itself especially to the unique skills of sociopaths and unemployed actors. See Blog February 19th, 2015, Sociopaths and Actors as Timeshare Salesmen

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