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Frequently during a timeshare or ‘vacation ownership’ sales pitch there are many blanket assertions, orally, touting the opulent and exotic resort destinations that you will be able to access.  Tell me if this sounds like your timeshare sales pitch:
“You’re making an investment in your future… and not just your qualify of life, but financially as well… this baby is a can’t miss… It appreciates in value year after year…you’re gonna’ love it! And if, for absolutely any reason whatsoever, you’re not 100% satisfied,  our resale department will buy it back, guaranteed…  So you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose… But the chances of this are nil, and rest assured there are people waiting in the wings to jump on this thing as we speak. …so if you don’t act now, it’s gonna’ be way to late… imagine, some of the most exclusive resorts on the face of the planet, all yours, any time of year….”
Now, flash forward a month or two. You’ve just called the customer service department of your developer, trying to book your vacation. And reality has begun to set in. You’ve been told that you lack sufficient ‘points’ to access many of these finer destinations, and are forced to settle for sloppy seconds, if anything is available at all. How can they get away with it? And why can’t you get a hold of that nice sales lady who sold it to you? Surely she can clarify all of this and set things straight with the customer service reps.
Perhaps that service rep advises you to read the contract, or makes some reference to a ‘discretionary’ clause, or a ‘floating use’ plan in the contract, limiting your right of access.
And by now you may well realize that there is no after-sale market for timeshares.  Not to be deterred, a veritable cottage industry of shysters have still rushed in to exploit the hapless timeshare owner.  They will vow to sell your timeshare and relieve you of that oppressive obligation. But make no mistake, these are some of the same people who sold you that bill of goods to begin with.  They operate out of fly-by-night boiler rooms, here today and gone tomorrow. They will be most gratified to relieve you of your hard earned capital.  But that’s all they’ll relieve you of. These are not licensed realtors, much less attorneys.
They may even have you execute a deed to some shadowy third party – some straw man – or perhaps the developer itself. But merely deeding the timeshare to someone else does not, in and of itself, relieve you of any liability. This is because there will invariably be language in the timeshare sales contact requiring the approval of the developer for any such transaction. And this approval, in many instances, will not be freely forthcoming.
Bottom line, you need to hire a licensed attorney to deal with these timeshare traps. The problems will not go away by themselves, and they will only exacerbated if you’re dealing with scammers. Only an attorney has his or her license on the line every time a new case is taken. These are important issues, and you deserve every assurance that your case is being handled with dedication and competence by someone as vested in the cause as you are.
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