In the interest of legally-mandated confidentiality, testimonials reflect actual narratives of former clients rendered by paid professionals.


Thank you for representing me in my consumer fraud case against The Gardens LLC timeshare. I was impressed
on how quick everything progressed, the ongoing communication from your firm, and with the immediate outcome.
You are a skilled lawyer and I would highly recommend you to anyone who may be in the same shoes I was in.

Thank you again,
Daniel R. Beltz
2557 Oxford Ln. NW #3
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405


“I was locked into a terrible arrangement – paying year after year for the maintenance on a time share
that I never accessed. When I stopped paying they tried to wreck my credit. The Aaronson law firm went
over and above the call of duty in helping to resolve my timeshare situation, getting me out from under
the annual obligation to help the owners pay for maintaining a “time share” complex that I never used.
It is a tremendous relief to have this “mistake” removed from my life. My stress factor has been greatly reduced.
Mr. Aaronson’s staff were polite, friendly and very helpful.

Faye Johnson
Bangor, ME

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