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Maintenance Fee Headaches (Part 1)

Blog Post Provided By: Ever-increasing maintenance fees are the source of some of the most common complaints – and headaches – among timeshare owners.  Unfortunately, two aspirins and a careful review of your timeshare contract don’t even begin to make the pain go away. Generally, timeshare vacation

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Forced Arbitration: Timeshare Fine Print

Blog Post Provided By: Buyer’s remorse.  You aren’t getting what you paid for – lots of unfulfilled promises, interminable roadblocks in scheduling your vacation, escalating maintenance fees, minimal assistance from the timeshare company. This is not the bonding family vacation experience you envisioned. You want out. Often

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An Advantage to Using an Attorney

Blog Post Provided By Aaronson Law Firm Is there an advantage to using an attorney to help you cancel your timeshare? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” An attorney who specializes in timeshare cancellations will, based upon their experiences with your timeshare developer, expertly craft a demand

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