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Aaronson Law Group - Timeshare Recession and Cancellation

Is there an advantage to using an attorney to help you cancel your timeshare? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Cancel My TimeshareAn attorney who specializes in timeshare cancellations will, based upon their experiences with your timeshare developer, expertly craft a demand letter that outlines the reasons supporting your bid for cancellation. Once this has been sent to your developer’s collection agents, they are unable to have further direct contact with you.

The attorney then begins a negotiation for the settlement of your case with the developer and, if warranted, is not afraid to press forward with litigation to that end. Remember to thoroughly vet your attorney and you will find this to be a fruitful process. If you have a timeshare that you wish to cancel, there is clearly an advantage to using an attorney to help you navigate the process. The attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm stand ready to legitimately and legally help you accomplish your goals. It’s all that we do…

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