We Specialize in Terminating US Timeshare Contracts

Trust Us to Cancel Your Timeshare Contracts

The most efficient way to terminate a US timeshare contract is to leave it to the successful US timeshare attorneys at Aaronson Law Firm. The fact that you live in Canada doesn’t change United States laws binding US timeshare companies. It just means that a US-based law firm, particularly one with more than a decade of experience in the timeshare industry is more likely to succeed in helping you out of your timeshare than a law firm in your country.

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Only a REAL Law Firm Can End Your Timeshare Frustrations

For US timeshare companies, only licensed attorneys can adequately address the legal issues of timeshare contracts. Timeshare exit companies in Canada or the United States aren’t able to prosecute. You’ve probably seen them. They advertise they can get you out of your contract, but they are not attorneys. Simply put, without the ability to sue or countersue, you have no legal leverage. Our team of timeshare attorneys has experience dealing with hundreds of US-based timeshare companies, including some of the biggest names in the business. We know their playbooks.

Getting out of your timeshare contract may seem impossible. If you’ve attempted to do so on your own, then you understand.

But it IS possible, with our help.

How We End Your Timeshare Ownership Nightmare

  • Consultation

During your FREE initial consultation, we will discuss the details of your timeshare situation to ensure we have a full understanding. We will ask you questions and develop a plan of action to get you out of your oppressive contract.

  • Information Gathering

We will put together a file of relevant information, including names, account numbers, sales information, and the paperwork you received at the time of your timeshare acquisition.

  • Credit Protection

To protect your credit throughout your timeshare dispute, we will issue the necessary letters, according to 15 USC 1681, demanding neutral reporting of any debt you owe in association with the timeshare.

  • Litigation

We will file a formal legal position letter. We will endeavor to protect you from exposure to liability by articulating your legal claims and defenses.


YES! As a consumer, you have certain rights that protect you from being taken advantage of. Under general contract law, contracts are cancellable for several reasons, including misrepresentation and fraud. Although a timeshare contract is legally binding, that does NOT mean it cannot be canceled.

Our expert timeshare cancellation attorneys typically take 6-12 months to complete your cancellation.


No. We keep you from having to endure the legal process.

Your timeshare rescission period refers to the time immediately after signing on the dotted line in which you have the right to back out of the deal as if the contract does not exist.