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Be Wary of Timeshare “Exit” Companies

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SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5), CBS SF BayArea, July 7, 2017: Recent statistics show that 1.5 million people are currently looking for a way to rid themselves of their timeshares. That’s a lot of timeshares flooding the resell market, providing rich opportunities for disreputable timeshare “exit” companies to swoop in and profit on the desparation of those hoping to divest themselves of their timeshares.

You can count Gary Newton in amoungst those timeshare owners. He has tried everything he can think of to get rid of his timeshare, including giving it back to the timeshare developer and selling it using a timeshare reseller. He has even considered more unconventional methods, such as selling it on ebay, where timeshares were being sold for $1.00. But nothing had worked for him. Then he decided to try a timeshare “exit” company, who promised him a fast, secure and safe method of transferring his timeshare that would take anywhere from 6 to 9 months, with regular progress reports. For this service, they asked Newton for $3600 to be paid up front. 18 months later, he was still waiting for results.

There are lessons to be learned from Gary Newton’s experience:

1. Beware of timeshare “exit” companies who are unlicensed.

2. Thoroughly vet the companies that you are considering. Research them online for reviews, etc. Read the many stories online of people in your position who have tried using this timeshare “exit” company.

3. Beware of those companies which make you promises about getting you out from under your timeshare.

4. Read the timeshare “exit” company’s contract prior to signing it. If you can’t easily determine what they are going to do for you, then this should be a red flag for you.

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