Can I Cancel My RCI Timeshare Exchange Contract?

First we need to define the program offered by RCI. This is an organization that is affiliated with nearly 4500 resorts globally in over 100 countries. RCI has a membership of nearly 4 million members who join the program to allow their timeshare points with one of the affiliated resorts to be exchanged for use at another desired resort. Many timeshare developers include membership in RCI as one of the ownership “perks” offered at the time of the timeshare purchase. RCI does require a yearly maintenance fee, similar and separate from the affiliated resort maintenance fee.

This is where the similarities diverge. If you desire to cancel your RCI membership, this can be accomplished provided that an exchange is not currently outstanding. If you did not pay for the RCI membership, then do not expect a refund of any kind. however, if you did pay for your membership, a pro-rated refund may be possible.

Cancelling the timeshare contract of the affiliated resort presents an entirely different problem, however. If you’ve tried to rent your timeshare or to sell it outright and have been unable to do so, then consider cancelling your timeshare through the retention of a competent timeshare attorney. You must do your due diligence to ensure that you are not being scammed and are protecting yourself in the process. We suggest reading our 5-part blog entry entitled Is It Possible For Me To Cancel My Timeshare Contract? to get you started with your research. It will help you to understand the process better.

Then consider the attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm to help you build your timeshare cancellation case. They can and will bring the proper level of legal pressure to bear to bring about the cancellation of your timeshare contract for the timeshare affiliated with RCI and, if necessary, go to litigation to help secure a positive outcome for your case. Contact them today for your free consultation – it’s not too late!