Learn How Timeshares Work

In a timeshare arrangement, the owner of a piece of property will rent or lease their property for use in a specified period of time. The person renting the property is called a “timeshare holder”. The timeshare holder purchases rights to use the property during a set time period. The time period for use is usually a certain week of the year, over a specified number of years.

The property usually involves seasonal vacation lodging such as a summer condominium. Sometimes multiple parties will alternate use of the building, with new persons using the property each week. In essence, they are purchasing slots of time in which they can use the facilities. Thus, the arrangement is called a “timeshare”, because the purchaser is purchasing shares of time much as they would any commodity. This is not a real estate investment, as you may have been told by unscrupulous salespeople who profiteered from your purchase.

You might be surprised to find out how much you are spending on a yearly basis just for accommodation at a resort. When you add in the travel expenses, meals and activities as well it is a real eye opener. Most Timeshare Owners find that in reality they are being forced to spend substantially more than they would have on a vacation of the same caliber purchased outside of the timeshare industry.

Not only are you forced to spend more but they are also restricted to the availability within their club or exchange company and rarely, if ever, get to go where they want, when they want.

You deserve to know how timeshares work, and the truth about what they may be purchasing so they can make an informed decision. Too often the decision to purchase a timeshare, vacation club, or vacation ownership is based on false promises and misrepresentations from unscrupulous sales representatives. If that describes your situation and you are interested in cancelling your timeshare, call today for help and receive a Free Consultation: 407-644-1336

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