Do You Need To Cancel A Disney Vacation Club Timeshare?

Rescinding your Disney Vacation Club Timeshare Contract

Unlike some other timeshare developers, Disney Vacation Club (learn more) has never been a ‘hotelier’ per se. Why are timeshares often more profitable than hotels? Simply that selling you space in their facilities is more profitable than renting them to you, for several reasons.

Learn more about how to exit your Disney Vacation Club timeshare contract:

1. By selling you space in their facilities, Disney Vacation Club creates a more predictable cash flow
2. Disney Vacation Club can still rent the same facilities as a hotel if they’re not fully booked
3. On the ‘points’ system, Disney Vacation Club can overbook, and deny you access on the basis that you don’t have enough of them. (No one said that any of this is necessarily lawful)
4. Disney Vacation Club can just plain charge you more money. (See our blog on the ‘true cost of a timeshare’).

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