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Client Testimonials & Reviews from real clients of the Aaronson Law Firm. If you are interested in finding out if we can help you cancel your timeshare obligation, contact us today for a free consultation. Let our experience work for you. 

Aaronson Law firm,

Dan & Audrey G.

We would like to thank your firm for helping us terminate our Time Share
in a timely manner. It’s going to save us a lot of sleepless nights not
to mention the thousands of dollars we’ll save.
Thank You,

Very trustworthy..

Posted by Bill and Mary B., Arizona

We engaged the legal services of the Aaronson Law Firm to resolve a timeshare issue with my timeshare developer. We had initially engaged the assistance of the Case Manager/Escalated Response Team/Owner Care directly at my timeshare developer in hopes of gaining a resolution within the system. However after over 4 months of this internal investigating and updates going nowhere, we pursued a legal course of action. Living in New England, and needing to engage an attorney within Florida, we explored various legal offices. Given that we would be dealing without a face to face presence we needed to have a comfort level with whoever was going to represent us from afar. Even prior to his working officially on our behalf Attorney Aaronson, took the time to explain the legal process which would be pursued, and patiently answered any and all questions. He evidenced as both knowledgeable, and with the experience needed to pursue our case. Though our only contact was via telephone and email, he commanded a trusting presence, and his fees were quite reasonable. He was hired. He and his legal staff proved to be professional, thorough, efficient and timely, and much to our extreme satisfaction, within six weeks time our timeshare case with my timeshare developer was resolved with the dissolution of any future relationship with that organization! We would certainly recommend the Aaronson Firm’s service to you.


Honest from beginning..

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Debbie T.

Thank you again for all that you have done. The timeshare cancellation is the best news we could ask for and we appreciate all that you have done for making this happen. I can honestly sleep good again and put this behind me.

Aaronson Law Offices did amazing work at getting our contract resolved and cancelled. They were completely honest from the beginning and always stayed in touch as to what was going on. It was all done in a timely manner and everything worked out in our favor. I highly recommend Aaronson Law Offices. They are amazing and helped me out of a nightmare I never thought i could get away from. I can now relax again. Thank you!


Successfully handled my case…

Posted by Mary T., Seattle

Mr. Aaronson represented me in getting a time share complete rescission. I was apprehensive about hiring an out of state attorney, as I live in Nebraska, however; he was able to successfully rescind the contract for me in a expeditious manner, within the exact amount of fee forecasted, and successfully handled my case. I would highly recommend the Aaronson Law Firm.


I was not disappointed…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Lorraine M., New York

I worked with the dedicated staff of the Aaronson Law Firm. I could not get any response from my timeshare developer and I was crazed with advice on the internet. I chose Aaronson based on good reviews. I was not disappointed. Staff called often and made sure I was kept abreast of everything that was going on and what my options were at all times. The fees were discussed upfront. I wholeheartedly recommend Aaronson Law Firm.


I am very happy…

Posted by Richard B., North Carolina

I am very happy that your office was able to rid me of my timeshare developer forever! The attorney did a wonderful job in keeping me informed of what was going on when he had info to share. Thank you!


I can’t thank you enough…

Posted by W. Eltanany, North Carolina

I can’t thank you and Mr. Aaronson enough for the great representation in this matter. I will be leaving reviews all over every website that I came across reading when I fell in to this trap of Time Share for others hoping they would find the same comforting results that I got by hiring your firm to represent me. Thank you So So much and God Bless you all for your honest representation. Thank you!


It’s a relief to not be under their thumb any more…

Posted by Bruce M.

Thank you. It’s a relief to not be under their thumb any more. We have purchased a Class C Motor home which will be our ‘vacation home’ from now on. I trust you’ll have plenty of other couples that need relief from the time share corporations.


Resulted in resolution to our great satisfaction…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Mark T., Denver, CO

We were very happy with the representation from the Aaronson firm in our dispute with a timeshare seller. Mr. Aaronson’s representation resulted in resolution to our great satisfaction. We were kept informed during every step of the process and our concerns were all addressed in a timely manner. I strongly recommend the Aaronson Firm.


My credit is saved and I am out of the crazy contract…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Karla A., Washington DC

I was desperate to get out of my my timeshare developer. The more I read on the internet about getting out of a timeshare, the more depressed I felt. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get out and would be stuck with this for 56 years (per the contract). It took less than 5 months for Mr. Aaronson to win my case. My credit is saved and I am out of the crazy contract. Thank you so much. Highly recommend him.


Very fast, thorough and efficient…

Posted by Jeff R., Chicago

I recently had the pleasure of doing business with the Aaronson Firm and strongly encourage others to take their business to them for positive results. Very fast, thorough and efficient! Staff was a reliable resource during the process of our litigation, also both fast and efficient. Thank you!


Their fees are very fair…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Eric V., California

A timeshare company coerced my aging mother to pay an exorbitant price to “upgrade” her timeshare to a unit that was the same size as the one she currently had and that was not even built yet! Then they enticed her by promising to give her equity for other properties that never made it from the worksheet to the actual contract, and then failed to give her accurate pricing on what she was actually buying!

They did this by keeping her in a sales room alone for several hours, tiring her out, and then making her sign a contract with fine print while she was without her reading glasses! My mother was in tears when she learned how they had actually lied to her and robbed her. When I learned about this, that’s when I reached out to Aaronson Law Firm and spoke with staff there.

Their staff has amazing knowledge of timeshare industry tactics and the legalities that can protect timeshare victims from non-ethical conduct. After I saw how many times they made my mother initial and sign their timeshare purchase “agreement,” I feared that it was virtually hopeless to help my mother out of their scam, but the staff not only understood what they did—she gave us hope, kept in frequent contact with us, and confidently worked on our case to ensure that we had the best chance of getting the contract cancelled and she won!!

If you feel you’ve been duped into a timeshare agreement that is not what you wanted, and/or not what was promised to you, don’t hesitate or look elsewhere, contact Aaronson Law Firm immediately. Their fees are very fair and you can’t put a price on what they can do for you.



The office was very knowledgeable about the timeshare company…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Richard and Nancy O., Chicago

Our case was handled very quickly. We purchased the timeshare in July 2014 and had discovered inconsistencies between the presentation and reality. After trying to work with the company to resolve these concerns, we decided to pursue legal action. I found the office online and called them in Sept 2014. The office was very knowledgeable about the timeshare company we were having issues with and there were no delays in rescinding our contract. The entire process took less than 60 days, which is in line with what we were told. My only suggestion would be for better communication. Since everything is handled through email or via the phone and not in person, more updates and status reports would be helpful. There is nothing worse than not knowing how the process is going. Other than that suggestion, we were very pleased with the process and would definitely recommend the office to anyone else who is sucked into a misleading timeshare purchase. The team was very professional and the cost was reasonable. We are very grateful that we found the law office online and that they specialize in timeshares.


Quality of service, honesty, and ongoing communication…

Posted by Dave B., Kansas City

Attorney Austin Aaronson helped our family rescind a timeshare contract after almost 3 years. My wife and I were informed by the timeshare that they would assist with resale. This was not the case later after assistance was requested. We were told to check the proverbial small print. We felt had and sought help. Attorney Aaronson took our case when others would not and terminated our relationship with the timeshare in less than 6 months at a reasonable price. He and his assistant were in-touch regularly and my wife and I were provided an honest assessment of our situation and status throughout the experience. I highly recommend Attorney Aaronson for his quality of service, honesty, and ongoing communication throughout our experience.


Outstanding service…

Posted by Matthew J., Omaha

I had a timeshare contract that I needed cancelled. Austin Aaronson handled all the paperwork and fully resolved the issue getting me all my money back in just a few days. Outstanding service!


We couldn’t be any more pleased with the results…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by James B., New York

If you have been convinced to buy a timeshare, & are now tired of paying for nothing. I would highly recommend Austin, and his firm to represent you. We couldn’t be any more pleased with the results, & no longer have that burden. Thank you!


Hard work, expert knowledge and customer service…

Posted by Winston & Sharon J., Ontario, Canada

What Happens in Vegas …. stays in Vegas! It sounds so easy. We arrived in Las Vegas for a 4 night, 3 day excursion in Las Vegas as part of a Time Share promotion. The deal was fantastic but came with a commitment to attend a brief 2 hour presentation on a vacation promotion. We knew it was a Time Share presentation, but we were prepared to listen and then be on our way. We were completely impressed by the slick presentation and ended up purchasing a Time Share property in Las Vegas. We were excited and enjoyed the rest of our vacation. Once we were home again in Canada we examined our purchase documents and checked online for feedback on the Time Share Developer. The internet feedback was errible and to quote one review “Really sorry we got involved with these folks but made an emotional decision vs. a solid business decision. It’s what they count on and how they are successful.” That was exactly how we felt!

The cancellation period for the contract had elapsed so what could we do? We checked with local Lawyers and found that Canadian Lawyers do not have experience with Time Share Contract Cancellation.

The internet was the next place we looked for help. We found Aaronson Law Group in Longwood, Florida. We were a bit anxious about how we could deal with an out of country law firm, but our communication with the firm quickly put us at ease. Special thank you to Dedicated professionals, their Legal Assistant, who answered all of our questions, guided us through the process and provided encouragement even contacting us on her days off.

We started the process on September 5, 2014 and on November 13, 2014 we received word that the Developer agreed to cancel our contract Thanks to the hard work, expert knowledge and customer service of the Aaronson team we will be able to truly say “what happens in Vegas … Stays in Vegas!”

We would recommend this firm to anyone but especially our fellow Canadians who may find themselves in this situation. Thank you!



Your people were very patient…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Roberto and Martha G.

Thanks Aaronson for helping us with this stressful situation. Your people were very patient when I called to discuss the problem we were going thru with the timeshare contract. Again Thank You and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving week.


You were the best…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Harvey H.

Thanks for your help. You kept me up to date promptly on each step in this case. As I was new to this situation, this was very important to me. You were the best. It was a privilege to work with you. Thanks!


Thank you all for your help and guidance…

Posted by James K. & Mark R.

In March 2014, my partner Mark and I visited a resort in the Orlando area. While at that location, we attended a presentation conducted by on-site sales representatives regarding the benefits of vacation ownership in their system. The presentation listed many attractive features, most of which would be very useful to us based on our travel habits and patterns. After a discussion of the pros and cons of ownership, and after having our questions answered by the staff, we decided to purchase. When we got home and actually had access to the particulars of what we had purchased, we discovered a huge surprise.

All of the promises made by the sales staff were misleading or downright false. Nothing was as it was described and further, I discovered that the sales representative had links on his lap top that he had set up specifically for the presentation; those links do not actually exist. After discussing the issues with Customer Care (a true misnomer if there ever was one), and getting nowhere, I contacted the Aaronson Law Fire for some help.

I spoke with Aaronson team and described our problem and situation. They were extremely helpful and, after further discussion, we asked Aaronson Law Firm to represent us in pursuing the rescission of the contract that we feel we were lured into with false and deceptive sales practices. Their team described the fees involved, the steps that would be taken to achieve a favorable outcome, and what we could expect from the time share developer. She was nearly 100% correct in her assessment.

After the initial contact with the developer on our behalf our request for rescission was denied. This did not deter us or the law firm. We pressed our case further by presenting more details on why we felt defrauded. After presenting more of the facts of our case, the developer agreed to cancel the contract and refund our money. This is due solely to the representation and cooperation we received from this law firm.

This has been a very stressful and frustrating experience. Without the expertise of their team, the favorable outcome would not have occurred as quickly as it did. However, we made it clear to the time share developer that we would not go away quietly.

Thank you all for your help and guidance. If we can share our experience with other potential clients more directly, please do not hesitate to call upon us. You may feel free to use this letter as you deem appropriate to apprise others of our high level of satisfaction.


Besides fixing this problem it really was about gaining TRUST back…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Nathaniel T., Fayetteville, NC

I hardly ever do testimonials for anything unless it something I feel that would help more people like myself. If you are on this page you are looking for something in a testimonial to make you contact Aaronson law firm to seek help. Well honestly, it was a testimonial that did just that for me. Being able to see that they are real, highly rated, and the years of experience made me feel at peace. Their staff is very professional and timely. They kept me up to date on everything during the whole process. The firm handled my case very well, and I am very pleased at his manner and ability to execute what he says will happen. For me besides fixing this problem it really was about gaining TRUST back since the resort stole it from me. This law firm will give you that back. No need to keep reading this testimonial. Send your email or call them NOW!


Very professional and efficient…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Marlene S., Los Angeles

I retained the Aaronson Firm to rescind my timeshare contract. I found them to be very professional and efficient in handling the rescission. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone who wants to unburden themselves of a timeshare.


It was the correct decision for us…

Posted by Frank & Peggy H.

After looking at our options for getting out of our time share contract, we chose the Aaronson Firm. It was the correct decision for us. They were professional, communicated regularly so we knew where the process was headed and were successful in having the contract rescinded to our satisfaction. We can’t express our gratitude enough to the staff at Aaronson Firm. The non-stop increases in Time Share fees and costs will no longer cause us financial stress. We highly recommend the Aaronson Firm to anyone that has a time share contract that they wish to get rescinded. You will not be disappointed, the cost was fair and the results were what we needed. We couldn’t be more satisfied.


Timeshare Cancellation Testimony

Fighting for us and saving us from the timeshare scam…

Posted by David & Lisa T, Inverness, FL

While on vacation at a Timeshare Resort, my family and I were asked if we would like to attend a class that would explain all of our timeshare benefits to us. In exchange for an hour of our time we would receive a$100.00 Visa gift card for attending. Needless to say it turned into a sales presentation that lasted over two hours. The sales person made the deal sound incredible and something we would be interested in. We told them our vacationing habits and what we like to do, they said this would work perfectly for our vacationing needs.

We got approved for credit and purchased the product. They made us Silver VIP members which gave us 200,000 additional points. When we got home we started to plan for our next vacation, and to our surprise, even with the extra points and VIP status we did not have enough points for a full week at any of the places we enjoy going. Also we would only be able to use the time share approximately every other year, of course while paying a$70 a month maintenance fee along with a monthly bill for the mortgage, too. Needless to say we felt duped by Developer and cheated by this big corporation. The way they sell their product should be illegal.

We then sought legal help from the Aaronson Law Group and told them of our situation. They took our information and took care of everything. They were amazing and comforting in our time of need! They called frequently to apprise us of the process and where we were at and answered any questions we had along the way, and I had a lot!! The process took only a few months and they achieved a favorable settlement for my family. We would like to thank the Aaronson law group for fighting for us and saving us from the timeshare scam.



I was ecstatic with the outcome…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Gisselle S., New York

I am most grateful to Attorney Aaronson for helping me undo the damage I caused myself in 2012. I made the mistake of buying a timeshare in 2012 and knew it was a big mistake. I tried selling it for a loss, donating it, and no one wanted that money sucking trap. I also contacted an agency that try’s to help you get out of timeshare obligations but when I called them I got a uneasy feeling about them. I continued checking the internet and someone mentioned Attorney Aaronson in a positive light in a discussion about Timeshare Exits and I decided to call him. Around October, 2015, I spoke to Attorney Aaronson and Jennifer (his Paralegal). They have been successful in the past with these types of cases but made no promises of a positive outcome, but promised to give it their best shot. I definitely had a good feeling about Attorney Aaronson and Jenn. Jenn kept me informed every step of the process and was very sweet and helpful. Then, early January, 2015 Jenn called me and told me the timeshare company terminated my contract. I was ecstatic with the outcome. The price I paid Attorney Aaronson for his services was reasonable and fair given the circumstances and worth every penny. I don’t need to continue throwing thousands of dollars away anymore. Lesson learned, no more timeshares for me. So if you are having Timeshare Exit problems do not hesitate to call Attorney Aaronson. He receives my highest recommendation and endorsement in matters pertaining timeshares.


I feel blessed that I was able to find a reputable law firm…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Debbie

I am very gratified to you for helping me get out of this contract, what a relief. I feel blessed that I was able to find a reputable law firm to represent me. I kind of stumbled upon you when I arrived home from my vacation and realized what a jam I had gotten myself into, I was searching the Internet and a couple from Guelph, Ontario, recommended you, so I didn’t hesitate.

Please express my thanks to all those with your firm who assisted with this. It was comforting to know that I was in good hands.


The end result is the best we could have hoped for…

Posted by Bill and Marty, Virginia

Once again we want to extend our grateful thanks to you and your firm. We made initial contact with you on April 18, 2016, after chasing a solution to our problem with a Vacation Resort since December 2015. We had been given their solution that did not come close to fulfillment of the representatives’ stated promises. You took our case, and on June 2, 2016, they sent us their final offer. The end result is the best we could have hoped for and far better than we would have been able to procure ourselves. We will recommend Aaronson Law Firm to any who have a similar situation.


An attorney is the best way to get the attention…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Howard and Katherine H.

As most everyone who has owned or owns a timeshare knows, dealing with a timeshare company can be extremely frustrating or infuriating at best. My wife and I owned a large portfolio with one of the major timeshare companies since 2005. What started out as a great idea, turned into great distress and a nightmare of fees and hidden costs that were very, very cleverly hidden from us when we purchased our timeshares. Their sales tactics were brutal and unrelenting. It was always presented to us that the more we owned the better our vacations would be and easier to book when we wanted. Nothing could be further from the truth. When an astronomical tax and maintenance bill appeared at the beginning of this year, we knew it was time for us to act.

After much investigation of the various companies who offer a “get out of your timeshare” easily service, we became very concerned that these companies did not employ attorneys or even legal aids. Furthermore, many of them simply offer advice and turn you loose on your own to deal with the timeshare company. They are only available as consultants. We met with a representative of one company, who suggested we could do this ourselves if we followed their plan. The cost of their consulting: $30,000 up front. I don’t think so!!!!!

We knew that if we wanted out of our timeshares we needed a “rock solid” plan and help from someone who has dealt with these charlatans before. It was essential that we secure the proper legal representation. Please don’t let anyone fool you into believing that you can achieve this goal without the aid of a competent attorney. You need to hire someone who specializes in dealing with these unscrupulous people at the various timeshare corporations.

Our legal search lead us to Mr. Austin N. Aaronson, Esq. whose office is in Longwood, Florida, the heart of timeshare companies. Mr. Aaronson and his assistant Ms. O’Hanlon, were very patient and thorough while we discussed our situation. Mr. Aaronson’s recommended course of action was something that he knew had met with success previously when fighting the timeshare companies!
The fees for their services were reasonable based on our situation and in fact were just about what we had estimated they would be.

No timeshare company wants to end up in court. The publicity and trend setting or precedent that would occur would be disastrous to them. The timeline given to us by Mr. Aaronson was executed perfectly. The timeshare company dragged their feet a bit, (normal), but settled exactly as predicted in our initial meeting.

Both my wife and I would heartily recommend Mr. Aaronson and his firm to represent anyone who is trying to get off of the timeshare “financial merry-go-round”. An attorney is the best way to get the attention and results from a timeshare company that has taken advantage of you and your family. Mr. Aaronson and his team are the best at what they do!



I can not thank you enough…

Posted by Pat G.

When I received this message, via Smartphone, I was painting the walls of Stan and Diane’s daughter’s first home. The message brought tears to my eyes. Clearly, my research into the various law firms that purport to “help with a timeshare rescission” had paid off. After reviewing the settlement agreement, I can firmly state, Wow!

I can not thank you enough. My personal thanks to your entire staff at your firm, especially, Matthew Tiffany. While attorneys are the brunt of many jokes and jabs, there are core people, professional people, that represent the profession to the highest standard. Your law firm represents all honest and integrity driven attorneys. As I stated to you previously, I reveled in your honesty which is not found much today. Your brutally honest approach to the case was straightforward. I knew from the outset there may not be a successful outcome.

There are many facets of life that drive people to “do the right thing.” Your firm exemplifies this drive. Please, never let the drive wane because people like Stan and Diane would have no one to defend them.

I hope your wife has had a successful recovery from her surgery and that you will have many more years together.



I am extremely satisfied…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Debbie

I signed a new timeshare contract while on vacation, when I returned home the financial implications of this hit me, I just had to get out of it somehow. I couldn’t follow any of the steps recommended by others on the internet, as I did not have the actual contract to begin the process. I reside in Ontario, Canada, and there are no legal firms that are familiar with timeshares. I did, however see a recommendation from another couple from here for the Aaronson Law Firm.

I immediately contacted Austin Aaronson and ultimately engaged his firm to have this contract rescinded. Austin was successful in this process, the new contract has been rescinded and also a refund issued to me by the timeshare company, for costs incurred.

I am extremely satisfied with Aaronson Law Firm, and wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to anyone facing timeshare issues. Until I spoke with Austin, I was in panic mode, afterwards I felt I had a good chance to resolve the problem. It was of the utmost priority for me to put this into the hands of a professional.

There really is help!

Thank you Austin, and all of your staff.



Thank you for a job well done…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Donald

Dear Austin,

I am pleased to hear the good news. Aaronson did a good job as promised and prevented me from losing the entire cost of the timeshare nightmare. I’m sure the experience that Aaronson has with these cases also helped a lot. Thank you for a job well done.

Thank you!


It’s a relief to not be under their thumb any more…

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Bruce M

Thank you. It’s a relief to not be under their thumb any more. We have purchased a Class C Motor home which will be our ‘vacation home’ from now on. I trust you’ll have plenty of other couples that need relief from the timeshare corporations.


Thank you Austin Aaronson team – well done!!

Client Testimonials & Reviews Posted by Susanne, New York

I hired the team at Austin Aaronson to help me rescind my timeshare. The team walked me through each step and the entire procedure took about eight months. I am an out-of-state client; therefore, all our business was conducted via emails. The team always responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner. One feature I especially liked was that they were able to give me an estimate prior to beginning the process. I am pleased with the results and am finally out from under high maintenance fees and a property that no longer fit my needs. Thank you Austin Aaronson team – well done!!


The Aaronson firm was very efficient…

Posted by Sharyn M., Reno, NV

The Aaronson firm was very efficient and resolved our time share issue properly with a full deposit refund.


They got us out of the timeshare and got all our deposit back…

Posted by Stuart M., MD

To whom it may concern: We bought time shares in Hawaii at at time, because we are older and we were confused.

After we returned home we wanted to cancel our purchases, So by good fortune we turned to the legal department of the Aaronson Law Firm.
Let me give you this analogy; if you have a toothache you don’t go to a car mechanic to fix it, so if you have a timeshare issue or problem you turn to the timeshare resolution of the expertise of the Aaronson Law Firm. Not only did they got us out of the timeshare, they even got all our deposit back. They were so excellent that we have returned to the to resolve another problem with a timeshare that voted to change its rules, so we want out. We have full confidence they will resolve our issues.

What more can I say but give them 5 stars or 10 out of ten for all of your problems.

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