Do You Need To Cancel A Bluegreen Vacation Club Timeshare?

Bluegreen Vacation Club consists of over 60 member resorts located throughout the Continental United States and the Caribbean. It markets a deeded, points-based vacation timeshare product. Perhaps you have attended one of their timeshare sales presentations. There you most likely viewed videos of the resorts and saw numerous families with children cavorting about with peals of delight. It all seemed so perfect – why couldn’t you have that dream vacation for you and your family?

But you told yourself to play hard-to-get and hold out for the best possible deal, and you did! The offers from Bluegreen Vacation Club got very low and you thought that you just might be able to score a great deal, but only if you acted on it today. The sales agent’s promises were flowing as fast as the offers, and soon you found yourself mesmerized into signing on the dotted line, thus purchasing your dream for that great deal.

Soon after the rescission period was completed, however, the promises made to you during the sales presentation began to turn into deceptions and outright lies. The great investment that was promised to you for handing down to your children has turned into the financial burden of a new timeshare mortgage, a down-payment repayment plan and yearly maintenance fees. Then, when you tried to book availability for your home resort, you found out that you did not have enough points to book. Your level of frustration and anger rises as your realization grows that you were duped into purchasing your timeshare from Bluegreen Vacation Club and that your options were limited.

Perhaps you can rent your timeshare to help defray the financial burden. But you soon learn that you cannot earn enough revenue to pay for your costs. Plus, the extra paperwork and tax concerns bring new levels of frustration. Maybe you can sell your timeshare. The industry is replete with timeshare resale scam artists who love to find people with your level of desperation and soon you find yourself retaining ownership but with more money lost. You also learn that your timeshare is not worth much and you will not be able to recoup your investment.

Bluegreen Vacation Club Timeshare Cancellation Attorneys

But you’ve heard about timeshare cancellation and you want to know more information. We recommend that you begin your research today by reading our 5-part blog entry entitled Is It Possible For Me To Cancel My Timeshare Contract? This will help to ground you in deciding on how to proceed with your timeshare cancellation.

Then, consider retaining the services of the Aaronson Law Firm who are dedicated to helping you build your Bluegreen Vacation Club timeshare cancellation case. It’s all that they do. They can and will bring the proper level of legal pressure to bear to bring about the cancellation of your Bluegreen Vacation Club timeshare contract and, if necessary, go to litigation to help secure a positive outcome for your case. Contact them today for your free consultation – it’s not too late!

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