Timeshare Newsflash

Why Would Timeshare Owners Be Frightened?

Wensley Clarkson, The Daily Mail, June 3, 2017: Why would timeshare owners be frightened to complain about how they have been treated? Consider: A known con man and gangster set up a number of timeshare resale companies and began to contact timeshare owners to have his companies buy their timeshares. Then he convinced them to buy new, upgraded timeshares from him. However, the companies were shells, no resells were achieved and many clients more than likely found themselves paying for two timeshares.

The fear came from considering the treatment some clients received when they complained. The moral? If you decide to go the resale route (NOT RECOMMENDED) do your due diligence and vet the resale company thoroughly! A safer, more sure way to divest yourself is to let the attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm help you legally and legitimately cancel your timeshare. It’s not too late…