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Bullying Tactics of Timeshare Sales Presentations

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Gretchen Morgenson, The New York Times, Januare 22, 2016: Timeshare sales are once again on the rise, and with the trend comes an increase in hard-sell techniques and spiels. As timeshare developers become more confident about their futures, so too their marketing staff – even to the point of perpetrating brazen acts of unethical sales methods. Such as charging a credit card without the consumer’s knowledge and prior to the end of the timeshare sales pitch.

Just ask Mary Ann Gutierrez, who was told that she would receive a $100 gift card simply by attending a quick, 90-minute presentation at her favorite resort. After filling out paperwork and giving them her credit card information, Ms. Gutierrez was subjected to a grueling, 5-hour sales pitch marathon. The timeshare sales agents tried very hard using every hard-sell tactic that they could muster to make the sale. For example, the agents strongly suggested that she deed the 2 timeshares that she currently owned to them and convert to their point system, thereby keeping her maintenance costs low. It would only cost her $30,000.00! But Ms. Gutierrez maintained her position, telling them unequivocally telling them “NO!” and making it stick.

At one point during the presentation the timeshare sales agents were so sure that she would sign with them that they charged her credit card with a whopping down payment amount! She did not find out until she finally made her last “NO!” stick and was able to leave the presentation, only to be handed a voided credit card charge receipt.

Does this sound familiar to you? So many people have not had the temerity to make their “NO!” stick and have been saddled with a timeshare that they did not want and, indeed, could not afford. If you are in this predicament and need to have your timeshare cancelled, consider retaining the services of a reputable timeshare cancellation law firm, such as the Aaronson Law Firm, to help you cancel your timeshare. Our attorneys stand ready to bring the expertise and pressure necessary to get your timeshare cancelled. It’s all that we do…