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Mr. Aaronson represented me in getting a time share complete rescission. I was apprehensive about hiring an out of state attorney, as I live in Nebraska, however; he was able to successfully rescind the contract for me in a expeditious manner, within the exact amount of fee forecasted, and successfully handled my case. I would highly recommend the Aaronson Firm..

Mary Thurman
I worked with the dedicated staff of the Aaronson Firm. I could not get any response from my timeshare developer and I was crazed with advice on the internet. I chose Aaronson based on good reviews. I was not disappointed. Staff called often and made sure I was kept abreast of everything that was going on and what my options were at all times. The fees were discussed upfront. I wholeheartedly recommend Aaronson Law.

Lorraine M.
New York
We were very happy with the representation from the Aaronson firm in our dispute with a timeshare seller. Mr. Aaronson’s representation resulted in resolution to our great satisfaction. We were kept informed during every step of the process and our concerns were all addressed in a timely manner. I strongly recommend the Aaronson Firm.

Mark Thomas
Denver, CO

I was desperate to get out of my my timeshare developer. The more I read on the internet about getting out of a timeshare, the more depressed I felt. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get out and would be stuck with this for 56 years (per the contract). It took less than 5 months for Mr. Aaronson to win my case. My credit is saved and I am out of the crazy contract. Thank you so much. Highly recommend him.

Karla A.
Washington DC

I recently have had the pleasure of doing business with the Aaronson Firm and strongly encourage others to take their business to them for positive results. Very fast, thorough and efficient! Staff was a reliable resource during the process of our litigation, also both fast and efficient. Thank you!

Jeff Ross

Timeshares ownership often feels like entrapment. We know this because we hear our clients’ stories. They all seem to talk about some enticement they were offered like a fee water park ticket or discounted hotel rate. All they had to do was to sit through an hour long presentation. But then that hour long sales pitch became an all-day ordeal. Hour after hour of high pressure sales pitching, trapped in a little room. And then there were the rapid-fire signings of ‘routine’ closing documentation presented, as the salesman riffled through page after page.

They describe the rude awakening when the first bill came in the mail. And finally, there was the terrible frustration of actually trying to book their vacation only to be told that they didn’t have enough ‘points’ or some other excuse.

But the chances are good that your timeshare developer is exposed legally in ways that are relatively straightforward and provable. And you owe it to yourself to hire experienced, competent counsel. At the Aaronson Firm, we have over forty years of combined legal experience. And we are willing to sue, if necessary, in the interest of getting you released.

So call us free of charge to discuss your situation, please. Your legal problems are not insurmountable. If you are looking to cancel your timeshare Aaronson Law Group can help.

“Previous success in a given case or cases does not guarantee favorable results in any other case or cases”