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Cancellation Testimonial
Attorney Austin Aaronson represented me in getting a time share complete cancellation. I was apprehensive about hiring an out of state lawyer to cancel it, as I live in Nebraska, however; he was able to successfully rescind the contract for me in an expeditious manner, within the exact amount of fee forecasted, and successfully handled my case. I would highly recommend the Aaronson Law Firm.

Mary Thurman
Cancellation Testimonial
I worked with the dedicated lawyers of the Aaronson Law Firm. I could not get any response from my timeshare developer and I was crazed with advice on the internet about how to cancel a timeshare. I chose Attorney Austin Aaronson based on good reviews. I was not disappointed. The Staff called often and made sure I was kept abreast of everything that was going on and what my options were at all times. The fees were discussed upfront. I wholeheartedly recommend the Aaronson Law Firm.

Lorraine M.
New York
Cancellation Testimonial
We were very happy with the representation from the Aaronson Law Firm in our dispute with a timeshare seller. Attorney Austin Aaronson’s representation resulted in resolution to our great satisfaction. We were kept informed during every step of the cancellation process and our concerns were all addressed in a timely manner. I strongly recommend the Aaronson Law Firm.

Mark Thomas
Denver, CO

Cancellation Testimonial
I was desperate to cancel my timeshare. The more I read on the internet about getting out of a timeshare, the more depressed I felt. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get out and would be stuck with this for 56 years (per the contract). It took less than 5 months for Attorney Austin Aaronson to win my case. My credit is saved and I am out of the crazy contract. Thank you so much. Highly recommend the Aaronson Law Firm.

Karla A.
Washington DC

Cancellation Testimonial
I recently have had the pleasure of doing business with the Aaronson Law Firm and strongly encourage others to take their business to them for positive results. Very fast, thorough and efficient! The attorneys were a reliable resource during the process of our litigation, also both fast and efficient. Thank you!

Jeff Ross

Timeshare Nightmares exposes the dark underbelly of the timeshare industry.
Don’t be fooled however, as the book makes for very entertaining reading!  Click Timeshare Nightmares for full description.

Timeshare ownership often feels like entrapment. At the Aaronson Law Firm, we know this because we hear our Clients’ stories. They all seem to describe an enticement they were offered, such as a free water park ticket or a discounted hotel rate. All they had to do to receive their reward was to sit through an hour long presentation. But the hour long sales pitch became an all-day ordeal, with hour after hour of high pressure sales delivery made while trapped in a small room. This would be followed by rapid-fire signings of ‘routine’ closing documentation as the salesman riffled through page after page of the contract.

Our Clients describe the rude awakening they felt when the first bill came in the mail, followed by the inevitable frustration of actually trying to book their vacation, only to receive notification that they did not have enough points, there were unpaid fees, or many other excuses.

But chances are good that your timeshare developer is exposed legally in ways that are relatively straightforward and provable. You owe it to yourself to hire experienced, competent counsel. At the Aaronson Law Firm, we have over 80 years of combined legal experience. And we are willing to sue, if necessary, in the interest of getting your timeshare cancelled.

So please contact us using one of our three convenient methods to receive a free consultation to discuss your situation. You can:

1. Call us free of charge,
2. Use our Contact Form above, or
3. Live Chat with a person ready to assist you.

If you need to cancel your timeshare, the Attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm stand ready and able to help you!

Timeshare News Flash!

A new form of securities fraud…

Zero Hedge: Is the timeshare business model a legitimate model or is it a scam model? Or, perhaps it is a broken model. You could spend days reading about all of the nightmare scenarios that have been perpetrated upon the consumer by timeshare developers. Read about the indication that this has become a new form of securities fraud. Need to cancel your timeshare? The attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm can help you cancel your timeshare. We are an trusted law firm with over 80 years of experience. It’s not too late…

Timeshare Cancellation News Flash

Without your knowledge forged your salary figures…

Reported by Amanda Porterfield, CBS58 WDJT – Milwaukee: Has a timeshare developer, without your knowledge, forged your salary figures so that you would qualify for a timeshare purchase? That claim is being made by a Milwaukee woman, who states that a timeshare developer did just that and more, scamming her into buying a timeshare after a grueling 6 hour presentation. View her interview here. This timeshare developer is now the subject of a $1 Billion lawsuit filed against them that will most likely take years to resolve. However, the attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm can help you cancel your timeshare in a much shorter timeframe. It’s not too late…

Timeshare Cancellation News Flash

Doubling the cost of your vacation…

Irene Parker, Inside Timeshare: Many timeshare developers use affiliated credit cards to allow their purchasers to finance their timeshares. For example, Wyndham and Diamond Resorts International both use the Barclaycard to help their consumers finance. However, think strongly about this! Financing a $14,000 timeshare purchase on a credit card at 17.7% APR, and factoring interest and fees over 15 years would result in a total amount paid of approximately $34,000 – more than doubling the cost of your vacation! Contact the attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm to discuss your situation and discover how they can help you cancel your timeshare. It’s not too late…

Timeshare Cancellation News Flash

Obtain timeshare ownership lists and then market…

Brinkman on Business, Orlando Sentinel, June 14, 2017: Westgate Resorts and other timeshare developers have filed federal lawsuits against Castle Law Group, claiming that they have interfered with the developer’s clients and contracts. The alleged scheme? Obtain timeshare ownership lists and then market timeshare cancellation plans to them. Here at the Aaronson Law Firm, we want you to fully vet us; research us and see what our clients are saying about us. Then call us for your free consultation where we can frankly and honestly evaluate your situation and let you know how we can legitimately help you cancel your timeshare. It’s not too late…

Timeshare Cancellation News Flash

Hiring a competent law firm to help you cancel your timeshare…

TUG BBS: Imagine owning a timeshare for 10 years without the ability to book a vacation using it for that entire time. In other words, they weren’t able to use it once! They were searching for options in how to divest themselves of this timeshare albatross. The advice is good, but incomplete. Not covered is the idea of hiring a competent law firm to help you cancel your timeshare. The attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm stand ready and able to provide you with real and honest representation for your timeshare cancellation case. It’s not too late…

Timeshare Cancellation News Flash

Timeshare cancellation is a viable alternative…

Timeshare Trap: Have you fallen into the timeshare trap? You felt lied to and hard sold at the lengthy presentation and now you find that you just can’t use it because of availability issues. And now the maintenance fees are rising yet again! Read here about the many reasons not to purchase a timeshare, and if you have, the many pitfalls for divesting yourself of your timeshare. Timeshare cancellation is a viable alternative! The attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm can help you successfully navigate the rocky road of timeshare cancellation. It’s all we do…

Timeshare Cancellation News Flash

Do you wonder about the training that timeshare sales agents receive…

Google Books: Do you wonder about the training that timeshare sales agents receive? Particularly after having experienced a long, arduous sales pitch? Selling is an artform that requires skill and determination. This is evident in such publications as “The Art of the Deal,” where closing the deal is king. Read this excerpt of sales tips for timeshare agents from the book, “The Timeshare Coach”, by Carl Garwood, to gain a better understanding about how this works. Then consider retaining the attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm to help you cancel your timeshare. It isn’t too late…

Timeshare Cancellation News Flash

Follow the adventures of a timeshare sales agent…

Timeshare Sales, Travel Job Tips by Turner, Feb 16, 2017: No doubt you were asked during your timeshare sales presentation to have an open mind. Follow the adventures of a timeshare sales agent as he tells the story of his first day on the job in timeshare sales. Reading about such exploits may be fun and entertaining, but in truth most timeshare presentations become arduous ordeals that leave you wondering what happened. How did you end up with a timeshare that you didn’t want or can’t use? The attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm can help you cancel that timeshare – it’s not too late….

Timeshare Cancellation News Flash

The ins and outs of timeshare ownership…

Robert Massi, The Hidden Truth About Timeshares, Fox News: There are so many people who have discovered, too late, the ins and outs of timeshare ownership. For those who are exploring the possibility of purchasing a timeshare, our advice would be to do your due diligence and vet the process thoroughly! Read here about tips to know prior to buying. Perhaps you’ve already acquired a timeshare and are experiencing all of the downfalls of ownership but now wish to be free of your contract. The attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm stand readyto help you cancel your timeshare – it’s all we do….

Timeshare Cancellation News Flash

Do they still use the same sort of timeshare sales tactics…

Jesse Jones, Seattle King 5 News in BanderasNews.com: We’ve all heard the stories regarding bad timeshare sales presentation experiences with the larger timeshare developers, such as Diamond Resorts International, Orange Lake, Wyndham, and Westgate to name a few. What about those many of us may not know too much about? Perhaps they are smaller as a business, but do they still use the same sort of timeshare sales tactics within their presentations? Read more about this here. If you need to divest yourself of your timeshare, regardless of the size and nature of the developer, let the attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm help you cancel your timeshare. It’s not too late….

Timeshare Cancellation News Flash

Read What Our Clients Are Saying…

Roberto and Martha G.: Thanks Aaronson for helping us with this stressful situation. Your people were very patient when I called to discuss the problem we were going thru with the timeshare contract…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies
Harvey H.: Thanks for your help. You kept me up to date promptly on each step in this case. As I was new to this situation, this was very important to me. You were the best. It was a privilege to work with you.…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies
James K. & Mark R.: After presenting more of the facts of our case, the developer agreed to cancel the contract and refund our money. This is due solely to the representation and cooperation we received from this law firm…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies
Nathaniel T., Fayetteville, NC: For me besides fixing this problem it really was about gaining TRUST back since the resort stole it from me. This law firm will give you that back…Send your email or call them NOW!…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies
Marlene S., Los Angeles: I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone who wants to unburden themselves of a timeshare…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies
Frank & Peggy H.: They were professional, communicated regularly so we knew where the process was headed and were successfull…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies
David & Lisa T., Inverness, FL: The process took only a few months and they achieved a favorable settlement for my family. We would like to thank the Aaronson law group for fighting for us and saving us from the timeshare scam…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies
Gisselle S., New York: I was ecstatic with the outcome. The price I paid Attorney Aaronson for his services was reasonable and fair given the circumstances and worth every penny. I don’t need to continue throwing thousands of dollars away anymore…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies
Debbie: I am very gratified to you for helping me get out of this contract, what a relief! I feel blessed that I was able to find a reputable law firm to represent me…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies
Bill and Marty, Virginia: The end result is the best we could have hoped for and far better than we would have been able to procure ourselves. We will recommend Aaronson Law Firm to any who have a similar situation…”

Timeshare Cancellation Testimonies

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